Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Whose butts were really covered in Haditha-related trials?

One of the accused Marines, Sgt. Frank Wuterich, gave his account of the Haditha killings in an interview with CBS’s “60 Minutes,” including an admission that his squad tossed a grenade into one of the residences without knowing who was inside.
“Frank, help me understand,” asked interviewer Scott Pelley. “You’re in a residence, how do you crack a door open and roll a grenade into a room?”
“At that point, you can’t hesitate to make a decision,” Wuterich answered. “Hesitation equals being killed, either yourself or your men.”
“But when you roll a grenade in a room through the crack in the door, that’s not positive identification, that’s taking a chance on anything that could be behind that door,” Pelley said.
“Well, that’s what we do. That’s how our training goes,” Wuterich said.
Four Marines were singled out for courts-martial over the Haditha killings though some legal analysts believe the case is collapsing because of loose “rules of engagement” that let U.S. troops kill Iraqis when a threat is detected.
from Bush's Free-Fire Zones

So, as I speculated in a previous post (here), it appears that "wars" such as those in Iaq and Afghanistan are set up partly to lead to precisely such situations, possibly in order to lead some soldiers from rage to possession. The frustrating nature of the war triggers rage, and the rules of engagement allow them to surrender to that rage, which is a recipe for possession. If anything would indicate such possession, it would be the act of knowingly killing defenseless children, which did occur in the course of the Haditha massacre. [1] However, I would have to know more about the individual soldiers involved to make such a judgment. I suppose it's possible to merely be so intent on revenge that killing children seems justified, although the rules of engagement should prohibit such conduct, and the "whispered" ones apparently don't.

[1]  The aforementioned previous post contains a quote from Rudolf Steiner regarding "Jupiter man" Satanic possession which doesn't make it clear whether the resulting possession is persistent. However, Steiner elsewhere indicates that it is persistent, and that such puppets can be found, for example, performing diabolical medical research.  Mengele comes to mind.