Saturday, March 31, 2012

Slander charges vs. Knox's parents: More of Mignini's projection of his crimes onto his victims

PERUGIA, Italy— Key witnesses failed to show up Friday for the slander trial of Amanda Knox’s parents, NBC News reports, causing the judge to delay the trial until next year.
from Amanda Knox parents' trial delayed, key witnesses don't show
Though their daughter may be out of the slammer, Amanda's parents, Edda Mellas and Curt Knox, could now find themselves sentenced to prison. In 2009, they were charged with criminal defamation in Perugia. Eight Perugia police officers claimed they were libeled when Amanda's parents told a British newspaper that their daughter was physically abused during a police interrogation. If convicted, Edda Mellas and Curt Knox could be sentenced to up to three years in prison in Italy and fined (neither parent plans to appear at the trial, nor does Amanda Knox, and there is not extradition for criminal defamation).
Last year, back in real-life Perugia, a lawyer told the judge and jury deciding Amanda Knox's fate that the American honor student from Seattle was "a satanic, diabolic, she-devil given to borderline behavior." Not surprisingly, the lawyer offered no proof for his claims. It raises the question; could that kind of outburst be considered slander in Italy? 
from Amanda Knox's parents to go on trial in Perugia

I didn't realize until reading the latter article excerpted above that the slander trial for Amanda Knox's parents is essentially a formality, which at most might keep them from visiting Italy to avoid incarceration in some dungeon. This might be why the witnesses failed to appear - to keep these ridiculous charges hanging over their heads, instead of declaring their innocence and being done with it.  The judge should have dismissed the charges long ago, but certainly when the witnesses failed to appear.  So, this again shows that Italy's "justice" system is a "respectable" front for the likes of Mignini.  This is typical of Satanism: put their "respectable" people in at the top, where they use their power to enable Satanism and to protect Satanists who are in danger of being held accountable for some crime.

The same article also raises an interesting point, which is that Mignini and Coven slandered Knox on a regular basis, and yet appear to be immune. This makes sense when you realize that they consider themselves to be above human laws, as indicated by Mignini's multiple crime sprees disguised as prosecutions, and the Italian court's refusal to put an end to it (although Italy's financial crisis might have this effect).

But not only are they not being held accountable for slander - they're allowed to charge their VICTIMS with slander, which is a variation on what they've been doing from the start of the Knox ordeal.  It began when apparent Satanist Rudy Guede butchered Meredith Kercher at the behest of organized Satanism (in order to launch another "Monster of Florence"-type witch hunt for Mignini and Coven), and Mignini did his best to pin it on Knox and let the "poor unfortunate" Guede skate.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Crowley: Good supermen follow orders unquestioningly

ON THE LOW MEN TRAMPLE IN THE FIERCE LUST OF YOUR PRIDE, in the day of your wrath. Ye are against THE PEOPLE, O my chosen!
If Will stops and cries WHY, invoking Because, then Will stops & DOES NOUGHT. If Power asks why, then is Power weakness. Also REASON IS A LIE; for there is a factor infinite & unknown; & all their words are skew-wise. [That's rich, coming from one of the biggest liars ever.] ENOUGH OF BECAUSE! Be he damned for a dog!  [Don't try to understand the motive for SRA.]
There is no law beyond Do what thou wilt. [as long as you're sadistic]

from The Book of the Law, by Aleister Crowley [emphasis added]

In a recent entry in which I used a variation on the above excerpts, I should have included one other, which is the passage above in which Crowley discourages his followers from asking too many questions about the precise effects of SRA.  In other words, he was telling them to shut up and follow orders.  Considering that one of the main goals of SRA is to elicit various forms of possession (in service of Satanism's ultimate goal, which is to create an Orwellian fascist global order to drive the human spirit out of the world), this can be viewed partly as a matter of becoming acclimated to being an appendage of organized Satanism and perhaps eventually a Satanic puppet, a.k.a. The Superman, or a "wizard" with "magical powers." [1] This is truly blind faith, and once you realize that the "basis" of actual Satanism largely consists of Darwinism's Satanic/materialistic lies (a product of the Cult of Isis, as can be seen in the British oligarchical roots of Darwinism) and Nietzsche-Satan's existentialist rants [2], you'll understand why it's "occult," or hidden: it's ludicrous, and cannot withstand scrutiny, as Crowley implied.

[1] Astral projection is not properly occult, although techniques for developing this ability without undergoing the arduous preparation for initiation on the white path are apparently reserved for certain members of organized Satanism, and I gather that it's explained within an existentialist framework, which must be an exercise in mental contortions. But the ability to believe the absurd isn't unusual for Satanists.

[2] Nietzsche served as a "channel" for the Spirits of Darkness, whose main function is to spread BS, so that his works are essentially a peek into the mind of Satan.

Does Zimmerman have the right to claim self-defense?

We have read that Trayvon Martin attacked George Zimmerman, and that Zimmernan shot him in "self-defense" (although there were reportedly no signs of a fight on Martin's body), but can he claim self-defense after chasing down Martin?  For all Martin knew, Zimmerman was just some thug out to mug him, so if anyone had the right to claim self-defense, it would be Martin.

If it's true that someone can be convicted of murder for merely being involved in a crime in which someone else does the shooting, then Zimmerman is guilty of murder (or at least manslaughter), for starting the process which led to the shooting.

There have also been reports that Zimmerman is a "Jekyll and Hyde," and that he has been known to snap and use wildly excessive force. Such people shouldn't be allowed to carry guns, except in a Wild West situation in which the problem would neutralize itself quickly.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

George Zimmerman: Nietzschean Superman?

Family attorney Benjamin Crump said the video and lack of evidence of a struggle knocks down Zimmerman's claim of self-defense and shows officials botched their investigation.
"You're witnessing a conspiracy in the first degree," Crump said. "If they don't arrest this guy — there's a conspiracy at this point."
from Trayvon's father: Video tells different story
We have nothing with the outcast and the unfit [societal rejects]: let them die in their misery. For they feel not.  Compassion is the vice of kings: STAMP DOWN THE WRETCHED & THE WEAK: this is the law of the strong: this is our law and THE JOY OF THE WORLD....
ON THE LOW MEN TRAMPLE IN THE FIERCE LUST OF YOUR PRIDE, in the day of your wrath. Ye are against THE PEOPLE, O my chosen!
from The Book of the Law by Aleister Crowley

This guy Zimmerman is beginning to smell like a Satanist to me - appointing himself as an amateur cop, apparently in cahoots with the cops, who are notorious for "occult" connections (what better way for organized Satanism to control society than to put its agents in charge of the legalistic use of force), chasing a kid on the basis of "suspicion," killing him, and now apparently projecting his guilt onto his victim and hiding in some safe house, represented by a lawyer, instead of being charged with murder.

Same deal with the JetBlue air-terrorism (flight 191 - note the "occult" numbers): pilot "goes crazy," scares the hell out of all of the passengers (non-supermen) - but it turned out that everything was actually under control.  Now the pilot has disappeared into the custody of the FBI, which has assured us that there is no such thing as organized Satanism, when in fact it pretty much runs the world, including the FBI, although it has to do so while remaining generally unrecognized.  This isn't the first time I've gotten a whiff of SRA in JetBlue's antics.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Internet access is actually a privilege in the US

I've been having difficulty gaining access to the internet lately, although I don't know why.  The "occult" (hidden) faction of the military has recently reminded me in an unmistakable manner that I'm on their list (perhaps because of my dogged pursuit of the truth about the Kandahar massacre, whose main victims are the survivors), so perhaps the military is behind it.  As they say, if they wanted me dead, I'd be dead, so I assume they're just letting me know who's boss in the land of freedom and privacy (for certain people).

However, my ISP has been depriving me of service for various intervals (sometimes for days at a time) for years, and their terms of service indicate that the company is organized to allow it to abuse its customers. They have also made it abundantly clear that they monitor my internet usage, and this too is permitted by their terms of service, as long as it's not done "actively." (So, as long as they spy passively, that's fine.) The fact that they can get away with this indicates that there is no law against it, or no enforcement. According to their terms of service, all they have to do is "suspect" their customers of doing something illegal OR "destructive" (i.e. destructive but legal). So, they can spy on any of their customers at any time, because everyone eats, which is destructive and legal.  You just gotta love Mammon's lawyers, those Devil's advocates [1], who devote so much time to splitting semantic hairs and hiding evil in innocuous phrases, and who about a decade ago invented "not-torture," so that we could say "the US does not-torture."

[1] The Devil's Advocate starring Al Pacino, which is quite chilling, isn't far from the truth.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Talk about your grim fairy tales

(AP) WASHINGTON - American officials say U.S. investigators now believe the U.S. soldier accused of killing 17 Afghan civilians split the slaughter into two episodes - returning to his base after the first attack and later slipping away to kill again.
from U.S.: Bales went on 2 shooting sprees

Sure.  Whatever they say. It makes sense that nobody would have noticed the first attack and raised the alarm before he could have launched the other attack.  Besides, we know that the government wouldn't lie to us about anything of significance, such as what destroyed WTC7.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Did someone slip Bales a mickey?

... but military officials claim there's plenty of evidence: shell casings gathered at the scene [possibly planted], surveillance video of Bales outside his base [from a blimp - probably fake], Bales' bloodied uniform [blood could have been planted], and the six victims who survived, living witnesses to the crime. [Some witnesses claim to have seen quite a few soldiers, so why aren't they being taken seriously?] They also suggest that four combat tours have put his client under tremendous stress, but he showed signs of behavioral problems before he saw combat.  A 2002 police report said Bales was intoxicated when he attacked a casino security guard [which hardly proves he's a cold-blooded mass murderer] and today, military officials report that Bales was drinking with other soldiers the night of the Afghanistan massacre. [Perhaps these guys were working with the actual killers. Did they spike his drink, knock him out, and plant evidence while he was unconscious? He claims not to remember anything at the time of the murders, so perhaps he was given some sort of a sedative that didn't leave him with a "hangover."]
from Mounting evidence against Robert Bales (with my comments in brackets)

One of the pieces of "evidence" against Bales is that two guards reported seeing a soldier (perhaps two different soldiers) leaving and entering the base in the wee hours, which strikes me as odd - what kind of a base allows soldiers to come and go without at least identifying them and determining whether they're on official business?

The big question is whether Bales had a death wish, because he would need one to wittingly do what he supposedly did.  Otherwise, he would need to have been so insane that he probably couldn't have carried out the murders. As President Karzai said, one guy couldn't have done what Bales supposedly did. The charges against him just don't fit into reality.

Media attempts to convict Bales of mass murder with evidence of other misdeeds

OLYMPIA, Wash. — A second incident involving alcohol and violence surfaced Thursday in the background of the Army staff sergeant suspected of killing 17 Afghan villagers — a 2008 allegation that he thrust a woman's hand to his crotch and fought with her boyfriend.
from Massacre suspect accused of 2008 drunken assault

So how does this drunken, macho behavior prove that he's responsible for the Kandahar massacre, or even that he's capable of such a deed?  Why not go to Afghanistan and interview eyewitnesses?

Bales reportedly bilked an elderly couple out of over a million bucks.  If so, he should be punished for that crime, with his military service taken into consideration.   But to convict him of mass murder by providing evidence of minor infractions, while ignoring eyewitness accounts of that massacre and allowing the military to hide or destroy surveillance video supposedly taken at the time of the massacre, is hardly justice.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Florida: Free-fire zone

Clearly, the question at the heart of the case is whether Zimmerman reasonably felt threatened. On this issue, the evidence currently seems murky. 
from Does Florida law let killers go free?

What's good for the goose is good for the gander.  Does anyone feel reasonably threatened by Zimmerman?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Apparent psychopath David Brooks goes to bat for Satan again

It's always interesting to read the quotations of people who knew a mass murderer before he killed. They usually express complete bafflement that a person who seemed so kind and normal could do something so horrific.
from Natural-born killers: the mass murderer in us all

So, how many have you murdered, David?  How many have died in the wars resulting from your lies?

Oh, by the way: where is your EVIDENCE against Bales?  The assumption that there are no others who could have done this?  What about the eyewitness accounts, which mention 15-20 "soldiers."  Do you just assume they're lying, or completely out of touch with reality?  Are you going to lie us into executing Bales to protect Satanists?

Robert Bales: profile of a scapegoat

We have been told many times that the treatment which Robert Bales has received at the hands of the military (lack of promotion, repeated deployments to Hell, etc.) are evidence that he is responsible for the Kandahar massacre.  But it can also be seen as an indication that he has been a target for abuse by the Satanist faction, and that being framed for the massacre is the ultimate form of abuse. Note that the US military is ignoring any actual evidence, and basing its "case" against a known innocent person on fabricated "evidence," just as in the Kercher murder.

Massacre in France: More tit-for-tat "misdirected" terror

TOULOUSE, France (AP) – A motorbike assailant opened fire with two handguns Monday in front of a Jewish school in the French city of Toulouse, killing a rabbi, his two young sons and a girl. One witness described him as a man chasing small children and "looking to kill."
from Gunman kills 4, including rabbi, outside France school

I don't want to spend a lot of time analyzing this terrorist incident, which was basically the "flip side" of the Kandahar massacre (one week after), so I'll just state my opinion and leave it as a hypothesis for anyone interested to compare with the facts.  In my opinion, the shooter is probably doing his part to "justify" what is planned to take place next, such as another Israeli war-crime spree against essentially defenseless Palestinians.  I surmise that he's a Satanist working with French intelligence, because only a Nietzschean superman can do something so low - just as in the Kandahar massacre, in which Robert Bales definitely did not take part, and just as in Operation Cast Lead.

Monday, March 19, 2012

"Proving" nonsense with fake video

The soldier was caught on U.S. surveillance video that showed him walking up to his base, laying down his weapon and raising his arms in surrender, according to an Afghan official who viewed the footage.
The official said Wednesday there were also two to three hours of video footage covering the time of the attack that Afghan investigators are trying to get from the U.S. military. He spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue.
U.S. authorities showed their Afghan counterparts the video of the surrender to prove that only one perpetrator was involved in the shootings, the official said.
Some Afghan officials and residents in the villages that were attacked have insisted there was more than one shooter. If the disagreement persists, it could deepen the distrust between the two countries.
from American soldier accused in shooting spree flown out of Afghanistan

This surveillance video was taken from a blimp, and can hardly be said to prove the identity of the figure seen surrendering. It could have been faked easily. Note that the US military is not as forthcoming with the video from the time of the attacks.  Also note that we have not seen any statements from the accused, who was whisked out of the country before Afghan officials could question him.

Anyone who is interested in tracing the beginnings of this colossal disinformation campaign, which is intended to protect organized Satanism, can do so by clicking on the Advanced Search button at the bottom of the Google News page.  It offers an option of viewing news from particular days.  The first reports on this incident appeared on March 11th.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Afghan slaughter of innocents: Karzai is right - it was a setup from the start

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan, March 11 (UPI) -- A U.S. soldier left his base early Sunday and went house to house, breaking in doors and killing 16 men, women and children, Afghan officials said.
U.S. officials who requested anonymity told the Los Angeles Times the soldier apparently suffered a mental breakdown. ABC News reported investigators will look into the possibility the soldier may be mentally unstable as a result of post-traumatic stress disorder.
from Afghans: U.S. soldier burns 11 bodies 

This was one of the initial reports from the wire services on this massacre.  Note how it provided a prefabricated false motive from the start, and the media has been subtly reinforcing it since then.  One of the key lies, I suspect, is the claim that he turned himself in, which would be good evidence of guilt, if he did it.  I now think this case is a masterpiece of deception on the part of the government, the military-intelligence complex, and the mass media, which explains why I got a whiff of hoax a couple of days into studying reports on the incident, although I got the nature of the hoax wrong at first. The truth, in my opinion, is that this was a "night raid on steroids" by the Satanist faction within the military (or by Satanists flown into Afghanistan and given uniforms) which has been pinned on someone who had nothing to do with it, and who didn't turn himself in, at least for committing this massacre.  That's the only explanation that makes sense. One of the motives, I suspect, was to provide a distraction from the British empire's preparations for an outbreak of world war with nuclear explosions, a.k.a. "Armageddon," as exposed by LaRouche PAC, among others.

Why Obama would want a massacre-distraction

Rev A (see Notes)
When Obama met Netanyahu one-on-one at the White House March 5, rather than warning him not to attack Iran as the fools believe, Obama actually told him, "Go ahead and attack! I'll oppose it in public, but facilitate and support it in private."
from Obama's Lying: Told Netanyahu to "Go Ahead, Strike Iran"
According to one senior U.S. intelligence official, during their White House meeting in early March, President Obama "gave Netanyahu the kitchen sink," promising critical military hardware to enhance Israel's strike capability against Iran. Among the equipment now being rushed to Israel are two additional airborne tankers for mid-air refueling, updated bunker-buster bombs, and jamming equipment to penetrate Iranian air defenses. 
from Obama, Cameron, Netanyahu's Lies Accelerate World War Drive
On March 16th, President Obama signed a new Executive Order which expands upon a prior order issued in 1950 for Disaster Preparedness, and gives the office of the President complete control over all the resources in the United States in times of war or emergency.
from President Obama signs Executive Order allowing for control over all US resources

If you're planning on destroying civilization to save the British empire, a shocking, puzzling mass murder on the other side of the planet, pinned on someone with no apparent motive, would certainly help to distract attention from your preparations for a somewhat larger mass murder.  So, for all we know, Robert Bales is being railroaded to cover up a "night raid on steroids" ordered by Obama's puppeteers. After all, railroading innocent people for crimes committed by organized Satanism is standard practice.

Rev A:  Changed "ordered by Obama" to "ordered by Obama's puppeteers."

Nothing fits Afghan massacre reports completely

But blow me down if they didn't forget – and this applies to every single report on the latest killings – a remarkable and highly significant statement from the US army's top commander in Afghanistan, General John Allen, exactly 22 days ago. Indeed, it was so unusual a statement that I clipped the report of Allen's words from my morning paper and placed it inside my briefcase for future reference.
Allen told his men that "now is not the time for revenge for the deaths of two US soldiers killed in Thursday's riots". 
from Madness is not the reason for this massacre

This implies that there is a time for revenge in war, which I would think would be a foreign concept to an American commander, whose goal should be winning the peace.

Fisk's perspective is interesting, but wouldn't someone HAVE to be utterly insane to do something like this on a rogue basis, because of the severe consequences?  As far as I'm concerned, there is no way to make sense of all of the reports, which is why I suspect that some of them are hoaxes.  Perhaps they have been designed to be incomprehensible, like Freemasonry, to keep us occupied trying to make sense of it, while Obama does something particularly sinister.

Karzai raised my concern early-on

In an emotional meeting Friday, Karzai pointed to a relative of one of the victims and said, "In his family ... children and women were killed, and then they were all brought together in one room and then set on fire. That, one man cannot do."
from Afghans blast U.S. claim one man behind killings

My point exactly - how did one guy supposedly do this?  The US needs to reconstruct the crime to some extent so we can move on.  But if it was intended as a distraction, they should just keep doing what they're doing, because it's working very, very well.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Why didn't Afghan villagers defend themselves from supposed lone-nut mass murderer?

In a story by my colleagues Taimoor Shah and Graham Bowley, residents of three villages said the soldier in question had walked more than a mile from his base, pushing on door after door to get into houses. At the first of three houses he entered, villagers said the soldier gathered 11 bodies, including those of four girls younger than 6, and set fire to them.
from Why Not a Massacre Tribunal in Afghanistan?

This raises a question to which I alluded in a previous entry, and that is why the supposed lone nut didn't meet any armed resistance.  If the locals were unarmed, or disarmed, were they set up for such a crime?  Or, were there really many more attackers, as some allege?

Kandahar massacre: Did other "soldiers" come from base?

Karzai went on to say that his delegation rejected the current US narrative of a single shooter, and that “this was not carried out by one man and was a deliberate and intentional act.”
from Karzai: US Not Cooperating in Massacre Probe

The Kandahar massacre was appaently an "advanced" form of the night raids that have been occurring all along, with a "lone nut" cover story superimposed upon it.  As some writers have implied, the "lone nut" narrative just doesn't make sense.  What fits is what the villagers are claiming, i.e. that it was perpetrated by several soldiers.  For all we know, these "soldiers" didn't come from the base, but were actually just a bunch of drunken Nietzschean "supermen" (unburdened by conscience) flown in and dressed up as soldiers to put put the finishing touches on those "magical powers" (in which they don't get occult powers, but "magical powers" GET THEM, i.e. take possession), and to fan the flames of their master's "Apocalypse."  The "lone nut" narrative would then be just a means of keeping the reality of night raids hidden from us, as usual, so that they can continue.

As the US terrorists stand down, Al Qaeda stands up

(Reuters) - An Iraqi Islamist group linked to al Qaeda claimed responsibility for attacks in western Iraq on March 5 that killed dozens of policemen, a statement posted on Islamist websites said late on Thursday.
Gunmen disguised as police raided checkpoints and homes in and around the western Iraqi city of Haditha, killing at least 27 members of the security forces.
Anbar was once the country's most violent province and the attacks raise concern that Iraq's branch of al Qaeda may be regaining a foothold there after the withdrawal of U.S. troops last December.
from Islamists claim Iraq attack that killed at least 27

This just goes to show what this "war" is: British/Satanic terrorism divided into two "sides," attacking civilization and civilians in the guise of attacking each other.  When I call it a mad-dog fight, I'm trying to paint a picture of rabid dogs, some wearing American flags and some wearing "Islamic" garb, running around attacking everyone but each other. The goal is to destroy civilization and create hell on Earth. (The vast majority of American soldiers are victims of this process, not participants.)

Friday, March 16, 2012

Manning "helped Al Qaeda" back when they were "Islamic"

FORT MEADE, Md. — A soldier aided al-Qaida by leaking hundreds of thousands of military and other government documents to the anti-secrecy website WikiLeaks, the military said Thursday.
from Army: Manning’s leaks assisted al-Qaida

Oh, now I remember - that's back when AQ was trying to establish Sharia law in Iraq, before it decided to "change sides" and help us establish democracy in Libya and Syria with weaponry provided by the US Congress.

Alternate account of Afghan massacre indicates top-level involvement

But Mohammed Wadi, a local farmer, said a relative who lost her husband in the shooting insisted there was more than one soldier.
“She saw a couple of soldiers in her garden after one shooter entered her room, pushed her head to the floor and shot her husband,” he said.
from “Why did they not stop the killings?”

If this is true, it would mean that the massacre was instigated by monsters at the top of the command structure, instead of by a single monster at a lower level, although probably for the same reason (to drive a wedge between US soldiers and Afghans, to refresh the perpetual mad-dog fight, and perhaps to distract us from something else).  Otherwise, those directly involved could not assume they'd be let off the hook.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Berserker Afghan shoot-em-up: Possibly "Jupiter man" Satanic possession via abandonment to rage

The stress of a fourth combat deployment, a troubled marriage and alcohol use appear to have combined to provoke the killings of 16 Afghan civilians by an American soldier, said a U.S. official briefed on the case.
from Afghan Spree Possibly Tied to Alcohol, U.S. Official Says

The conclusion that the guy snapped still doesn't rule out influences from Satanic spirits.  After all, he did methodically shoot a lot of children, and I'd like to know how crazy someone has to be to do that.  This could be a case of possession by so-called "Jupiter men," as a result of abandonment to his rage, perhaps facilitated by alcohol and psychiatric medications. Rudolf Steiner indicated that the rape of Belgium was the result of the influences of these beings. (For more on this sort of possession, see this entry  and this entry.)  In fact, it makes more sense than possession by the Spirits of Darkness, who supposedly goad people into doing things.

Obama keeps reporter in hellish prison for reporting truth about "war on terror"

As we now know, on December 17, 2009, President Obama ordered an air attack — using Tomahawk cruise missiles and cluster bombs — on the village of al Majala in Yemen’s southern Abyan province; the strike ended the lives of 14 women and 21 children. At the time, the Yemeni government outright lied about the attack, falsely claiming that it was Yemen’s air force which was responsible.
from Obama’s personal role in a journalist’s imprisonment
Shaye traveled to al Majala. What he discovered were the remnants of Tomahawk cruise missiles and cluster bombs....   He revealed that among the victims of the strike were women, children and the elderly. To be exact, fourteen women and twenty-one children were killed. Whether anyone actually active in Al Qaeda was killed remains hotly contested.
Shaye was held in solitary confinement for thirty-four days with no access to a lawyer. His family did not even know where he had been taken or why.
Word of the impending pardon leaked in the Yemeni press. “That same day,” Barman says, “the president [Saleh] received a phone call from Obama expressing US concerns over the release of Abdulelah Haider [Shaye].”
from Why Is President Obama Keeping a Journalist in Prison in Yemen?

The answer to that question is that Shaye was reporting the reality of the "war on terror," as opposed to the virtual reality or fantasy that we're supposed to be fed.  The reality is that it's partly intended as a Satanic reign of terror designed to create an "Apocalyptic" hell on Earth, and that air-terrorism is a key aspect of this.  Another reality is that it's intended as a war on the global economy, by effectively preventing the construction and use of the Eurasian Land-Bridge through this key region.  Iran has recently completed a key section of the Land-Bridge, reflecting a progressive economic orientation, and it is precisely this progressive orientation which the British want to reverse, as they did by assassinating JFK.

Another perspective on the "war on terror" is that it is advanced SRA on a vast scale (most US soldiers are victims, not perpetrators).  The only "evidence" that it is a "war on terror" (as if that's possible) is the false narrative being imposed upon it by the same media which used certain aspects of Shaye's reports, and is now silent about the fact that Obama has used his position to ensure that Shaye remains in a Yemeni "Guantanamo."  Of course, Obama was acting on orders from the British empire, which is running this "war."  He issued orders for the Yemeni air strike only because those who really run the "war" told him to, so that now he is considered to be the ultimate authority behind it.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Belgian bus "accident": were tunnel's designers clueless?

GENEVA (AP) - A tour bus slammed into a tunnel wall in the Swiss Alps in a horrific accident that killed 22 school children and six adults returning to Belgium from a joyous ski vacation, police said Wednesday.
The bus was carrying students from two towns - Lommel, east of Antwerp, and Heverlee, near Leuven. In the tunnel, it veered, hit a curb, then rammed into a concrete wall, police said.
"The bus hit the barrier stones on the right side of the road. It then hit the tunnel wall head on in an emergency stop space," police said in a statement. 
from Swiss bus crash kills 28, including 22 children

This should have been made impossible, by designing the pull-out space's wall with a gradual transition back into the main wall.  However, recall that obvious safety measures had not been implemented in the Pont de l'Alma tunnel, making the "accident" which killed Princess Diana possible.

This is also another reminder of the insanity of our dependence on the "pragmatic" rubber-on-asphalt paradigm in which vehicles careen out of control unless the driver prevents it from happening.  Opponents of maglev always point to the high initial cost, while hiding the long-term cost savings and benefits.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Afghan massacre: Shades of Andrea Yates?

Assuming that the recent reports about an American soldier going berserk and killing a bunch of Afghan civilians are true, I have found a way to explain it: temporary possession by the Spirits of Darkness, who typically use people to do their dirty work and dispose of them like used tissue.  (For more on this sort of possession, see my essays on Andrea Yates, links to which can be found here.) This would explain the wild, inhuman nature of this incident, which I noted in Jared Loughner's rampage, and others which I suspect were the work of the Spirits of Darkness.  The soldier was supposedly suffering from PTSD and a brain injury, which might have made him more susceptible to their influence.   Interestingly, the area of the attack is fairly close to a ley line, where the influences of certain Satanic beings are stronger.  Also, it took place as Spring approached (the influence of some Satanic beings peaks with the Summer solstice).

Monday, March 12, 2012

Is the supposed Afghanistan massacre a hoax?

I'm beginning to smell a Daily Mail "Doncaster boys from Hell"-style hoax in the conflicting reports about a supposed massacre in Afghanistan.  Another clue is that it just doesn't seem to fit into reality, what with the shooter covering so much ground in such a short time. What evidence do we have that it really happened?

My initial reaction was that it was intended as a distraction, and it appears that I might have been right about that much, but wrong to assume that something really happened.

Ominous Obama photo

Rev A

While searching the internet for something, I stumbled onto this photo of Obama, which is one of the more ominous I've seen. For a higher-resolution version, go to Obama To Catholic Bishops: 'To Hell With You.'

About that "total picture" of the "war"

Rev A (see Notes)
Speaking on ABC’s “This Week” program today, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R – SC) shrugged off the massacre of 16 Afghans in Afghanistan’s Kandahar Province by an apparently drunken US soldier, insisting that “these things happen.”
Uniformly hawkish, Graham has been at the forefront of shrugging off the recent Afghan disasters, insisting during the mass protests earlier this month over US military burnings of Qurans that the protests did not represent a “total picture” of the war.
from Sen. Graham: Massacre of Civilians Doesn’t Mean Afghan War Strategy Flawed
"Senior ranking U.S. military leaders have so distorted the truth when communicating with the U.S. Congress and American people in regards to conditions on the ground in Afghanistan that the truth has become unrecognizable." That’s the assessment of a damning new report by Army Lt. Col. Daniel Davis, who returned in October from his second year-long deployment in Afghanistan and says military officials have misled the American public about how poorly the decade-long war is going.
from The Lies of Afghanistan....

"These things happen" PRECISELY BECAUSE they are part of the "total picture," i.e. a perpetual mad-dog fight until civilization is reduced to a bloody, smoldering heap. I suspect that this "rogue" soldier knew that he would meet no resistance before going "temporarily insane."

Note that this incident also fits the pattern of what I have identified as the essence of this "war": tit-for-tat "misdirected terrorism," in which the terrorists on "both sides" (they're actually both tentacles of organized Satanism, a.k.a. the British empire) attack innocents [1] in guise of fighting the terrorists on the "other side."  The guilty are always allowed to hide behind the skirts of the US military, or NATO, or in the case of "Islamic" terrorists, the native population and governments. Satanists in general always hide behind some organization which gives them their power to abuse humans - typically some division of a government, or some organization that provides some product or service, and can thus "ritually" (repetitively) abuse people simply by providing inferior products or service. More generally, though, they wear the masks of upstanding citizens, and abuse their victims in some manner that cannot be proven to be deliberate.

Rev A:  Added last paragraph
[1] The innocent victims of this "misdirected" terrorism include honorable members of the US military (i.e. the majority), who aren't responsible for the atrocities for which the "Islamic" terrorists seek "revenge."  IEDs, a terrorist tool, are a major cause of US casualties.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

"Rogue" attack threatens Afghan mission?

Washington has rushed to distance the shootings, blamed on a lone U.S. soldier, from the efforts of the 90,000-strong U.S. force in Afghanistan, but the rampage in southern Kandahar province is certain to inflame anti-Western anger once again.
from U.S. fears reprisals after Afghan shooting rampage

I've read that this incident threatens the mission in Afghanistan, but considering that the "war on terror" is a war on civilization and mankind, this "rogue" attack fit right in.

Afghan atrocity: time for US government to stab us in the back, again

(Reuters) - Western forces shot dead 16 civilians including nine children in southern Kandahar province on Sunday, Afghan officials said, in a rampage that witnesses said was carried out by American soldiers who were laughing and appeared drunk.
from Western forces kill 16 civilians in Afghanistan: Kabul government

So what are Obama and Congress doing that requires such a distraction?

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Correction: Jury still out on Yamaha rx-v371's DSD-conversion capability

In a previous entry, I stated that Yamaha customer service had informed me that their least expensive receiver have the ability to convert DSD directly to analog.  However, I took another look at the manual, and found that the spec provided by Yamaha customer service refers to the HDMI input.  Although it might seem certain that the receiver would not accept (encrypted) DSD if it did not have the ability to convert it directly to analog, it's still possible that it does not.  Until I have absolute proof that it does this, I will keep investigating.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Obama's power to kill the entire terrifying human race

Obama's self-image (copyrighted)
In addition, as Ron Paul has pointed out, Anwar al-Awlaki, an American citizen who has never been charged with any crime, was the victim of extrajudicial killing because of the same unconstitutional legalese that defines the entire globe as a “battlefield,” where the constitutional rights of U.S. citizens are declared null and void if they are designated as terrorists by the federal government. His 16-year-old son who was also never charged with any crime was also a victim of state-sponsored assassination.
from FBI Director Fails to Refute State-Sponsored Murder of American Citizens on US Soil

While reading this article, it occurred to me that Anwar al-Awlaki might have been set up to serve as a precedent for future cases of such Venetian-style "justice," in which a secret committee decreed death and dispatched assassins.

Did Obama have some reason to be terrified of Andrew Breitbart? Was he going to release something besides the video which some have called a "dud?"  Was the "dud" released to give the impression that Obama had no motive for putting a hit out on him?

Considering that Obama, as a British royal henchman, intends to start a "shock [56/11] and awe [29/11]" world war sprinkled with nuclear blasts, and to destroy the majority of the human race (thus explaining why the "battlefield" is global), he probably considers a few murders along to way, intended to further his overall goal, to be nothing.

Bust Syria, or bust

President Obama has ordered the Defense Department, by way of the National Security Council, to take the first steps towards planning military operations against Syria. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey said as much during testimony, yesterday, to the Senate Armed Services Committee, where there is a great deal of pressure to go to war. 
from Obama Seeking War Plan Against Syria

If only the Senate cared so much about the people of Haiti, and the reports that certain elements of the UN are deliberately spreading cholera.  Once you recognize that its goal is global chaos and depopulation, then its actions, which are currently intended to provoke thermonuclear world war, start to make sense.  Little wonder that when they run for office, they need Hollywood producers to distract us from what they actually do in office.

Tepco executives: untouchable servants of British empire

We Tokyoites must demand that some high-ranking indictments fly because the Prime Minister of the moment, Yoshihiko Noda, won't. At the weekend, Noda said that no individual could be held responsible for the nuclear fallout and that everyone should ''share the pain''.
It was a jaw-dropping comment....
from Time for a perp walk of power plant executives

The main reason I think it's important to investigate those behind the decisions to leave the plant in operation, after they were shown evidence of the potential for precisely such a disaster, is to expose what I suspect was a plot to allow the plant to be hit by a tsunami to serve as an example of the "inherent" dangers of nuclear power.

However, the real issue is the hysteria over "extreme radiation levels" that is preventing the evacuation zone from being salvaged and rebuilt.  I suspect it's intended to get us used to living in a dark age, in which "extreme radiation" will serve as an excuse to do nothing, just as the claim that "there's no money" is now the excuse for not doing anything constructive, although there's plenty of money for insane "wars" and "bailouts."

This is how stupid they think we are

(Reuters) - Nuclear power is safer than it was a year ago when a series of disasters at Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant left 19,000 people dead or missing, the U.N. atomic energy chief said on Friday, but Greenpeace said no lessons had been learnt.
from IAEA says nuclear power safer 1 year after Fukushima

"Besides killing all of those people, the nuclear disaster also caused a massive earthquake and tsunami." By the way, Reuters is one of the more "objective" mouthpieces for the British empire.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Study: 250 nS is jitter audibility threshold

After getting excited about the possibility of obtaining the equivalent of an SACD transport/DAC combination with pure DSD (no PCM) playback (with a pure-DSD SACD), by combining a Pioneer DV610 disc-player with a Yamaha RX-V371 receiver, it occurred to me that I hadn't considered the combination's jitter performance.  To make a long story short, I found that we aren't nearly as sensitive to jitter as some would have us believe.  For instance, the developer of my favorite analog-to-DSD converter, the Grimm AD-1, has developed a clock with unmeasurable jitter, i.e. in the sub-picosecond range.  Grimm's web-page about the clock features a review in which the clock was substituted for the internal clock on a high-end SACD player with an external clock input, and not surprisingly, it concludes that the substitution produced audible benefits.

However, a 2005 study entitled Detection threshold for distortions due to jitter on digital audio concludes that not even professional audio engineers can hear jitter below 250 nS, and that all consumer audio gear easily meets this standard.

I still consider the Grimm AD-1 converter to be the most transparent analog-to-DSD converter I've ever heard, and some professional recording engineers agree (go here for one example). The fact that I reached this conclusion while listening through a Sony CD/SACD player that cost about $250 in 2003, and which has a disappointing high end even after being left on for a few weeks, seems to indicate that its superiority is not due to the Grimm converter's incredibly low jitter.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Iranian "Apocalypse"-mongers do their part for a successful AIPAC conference

VIENNA (AP) — Satellite images of an Iranian military facility appear to show trucks and earth-moving vehicles at the site, indicating an attempted cleanup of radioactive traces possibly left by tests of a nuclear-weapon trigger, diplomats told The Associated Press on Wednesday.
inspectors who subsequently came to the site [another similarly cleaned-up site] five years ago found traces of uranium enriched to or near the level used in making the core of nuclear warheads.
from AP Exclusive: Iran may be cleaning up nuke work

Considering that Iran has its own "Apocalypse" faction, it could be that they're just trying to create suspicion, even though there is no evidence that they could have created highly-enriched uranium.  The trace of highly enriched uranium could have been smuggled in and planted, or perhaps the claim that it was found was fabricated.

But consider what "Israel" would have us do: start WWIII, which would go nuclear, to protect itself from a nuke attack.  Perhaps it's time for it to try to treat its neighbors like humans for the first time in its 60 years of existence.

Netanyahu and Mignini

Image: Typical AIPAC speaker

"Ladies and Gentlemen, if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then what is it?" Mr Netanyahu asked. "That's right, it's a duck - but this duck is a nuclear duck. And it's time the world started calling a duck a duck."
from Why is Israel calling Iran a nuclear duck?

So, by that standard, what is "Israel?"  You don't want to go there, or we'll have to change "Bibi" (11 11) to "Adolf."  AIPAC conferences are little more than "Apocalypse"-mongering festivals of lies held annually by organized Satanism's US "Jewish" division, and this is where our actual government shows something resembling its true face.

This is just another example of a Big Lie technique, that of simply repeating a big lie from a sufficient number of sources until it "becomes true."  This is the same technique that Giuliano Mignini used against Amanda Knox, until the Titanic efforts of her supporters exposed his lies, and I exposed what he really is: pure evil.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

British add insult to injury by showing us that "war on terror" hasn't done a thing to stop terror

SAN'A, Yemen - Sneaking across the desert behind army lines, al-Qaeda insurgents launched a surprise attack against military bases in southern Yemen, killing 107 soldiers and capturing heavy weapons they later used to kill more troops, officials said Monday.
from Al-Qaeda slays Yemeni troops

Dubya: "Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time.  What we need now is a war on death."

Monday, March 5, 2012

"Developing bomb" is financial system; false flag nuke attack might trigger "Armageddon"

As I've mentioned previously, it appears to me that the British empire might be repeating the lie that Iran is working on nuclear weapons in order to be able to blame them for a false-flag attack, like 9/11, but on a vastly greater scale, to stampede us into "Armageddon."  The latest claim from the usual imperial "Apocalypse"-mongers is that Iran recently tested a bomb in North Korea, even though there is no evidence that it has produced any highly-enriched uranium.

SACD "transport/DAC" setup doesn't have to cost a mint

According to Yamaha customer service, even their lowest-price receivers have 5 CHANNELS OF DIRECT DSD-TO-ANALOG CONVERSION!  Here is the quote:

Here are the spec's for 3 models....
RX-V371 DSD Spec:
DSD 2/5.1ch, 2.8224 MHz, 1 bit SACD
RX-V671 DSD Spec:
DSD 2/5.1ch, 2.8224 MHz, 1 bit SACD
RX-A1010 DSD Spec:
DSD 2/5.1ch, 2.8224 MHz, 1 bit SACD 
So, an inexpensive Yamaha receiver such as the RX-V371 (which can decode SACDs) used in conjunction with something like a Pioneer DVR-610, which sends all 5 channels of SACDs out via HDMI in (encrypted) DSD format [1], would approximate an expensive SACD transport and DAC.  This setup might not have the cutting-edge sound quality of a Lindemann $20K SACD player, but it would probably be very good, or at least very analog-like, without having to wonder if the transport is jerking the analog section's power supply around.

So you know what this means: Digital audio has been perfected and made affordable, and that consequently "Armageddon" can't be far off (based on my late 70's prophecy that the world would end when digital audio was perfected). It's always something.

[1]  I base this claim on the following from Pioneer DV-610AV-K Owner's Thread:

Today, I've tried the DV610's audio setting at Auto(DSD) via a HDMI 1.4 cable to a Denon 4311ci receiver with the DV610 player set to 1920x1080p output, and the 4311 receiver picks up the SACD audio as DSD.

DVD-Audio discs in the DV610 show up as PCM 96 kHz in the 4311 receiver.

If the DV610 audio is set to just Auto, SACD audio shows up as PCM 88.2 kHz in the 4311 receiver. If DV610 is set to Auto(DSD), the receiver just reports DSD without a bit rate (sounds better than the 88.2 kHz PCM signal, but that's subjective).

Again, this is all with the DV610 video resolution via HDMI set at 1920x1080p.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Our Psychopathocracy at work

These individuals and their stories represent the collateral damage of America’s drone missile programme in Pakistan....
But increasingly, campaigners are pointing out the civilian cost of the operations, which are deeply unpopular and a source of widespread anti-Americanism despite the suspicion that Pakistan’s military co-operates.
One of the most notorious strikes took place on 17 March last year at Datta Khel, North Waziristan, when a missile hit a meeting, or jirga, called to resolve a dispute between chromite-mining contractors. Up to 50 people died.
from Protests grow as civilian toll of Obama’s drone war on terrorism is laid bare

Note that there are suspicions that Pakistan’s military co-operates, which I would qualify as the Satanist faction within Pakistan's military-intelligence complex.  I assume they are involved in target selection, and that the jirga-bombing was one of the major feathers in their wizard-hats.  (Actually, if all targets are selected by people on the ground, this would exonerate those who launch the missiles, who would just be following orders and doing their job.)

This is more evidence that the "war on terror" is partly a Satanist reign of terror which is partly intended to instill a dread of Earth-life, and a tendency to avoid reincarnation on Earth by "diverting" into the 8th Sphere, which is symbolized by the clock set to 8 in Skull & Bones' "class photos."  Guantanamo is the epitome of this "war."  (Most American soldiers, and their loved ones, are victims of this "war" along with the native populations of in the region.) Try to imagine the terror of not knowing whether you will be obliterated at any moment "by mistake" by a missile "out of the blue," or the dark of night, just sitting in your house.  Or for that matter, whether you will be blown up by an IED planted in response to a war crime committed by someone who is untouchable in this world.

For those who are new to this perspective, I suggest Excerpts from, and comments on, The Shaping of the Anglo-American SS by War, and for those who are offended by my perspective on "Israel," there are a few other articles on the same site that might bring them around.

A March 1st article on a proposal by an aide to Israeli PM Netanyahu to impose starvation on Iran also sheds some light on the nature of our real government, which is all one behind the scenery of individual nations.  I would go further, however, by suggesting that such a suggestion is the stuff of psychopathy, or worse.

Media mocks us with its economic "reports"

(Reuters) - Prospects for a sustained global economic recovery dimmed on Thursday as manufacturing cooled in the United States and European factories sputtered at a time when central banks are running out of policy options.
from Europe a drag on world economy, US data mixed

What's really happening is that the central banks are funneling credit into black holes of gambling debts racked up by private institutions, because they claim that these debts are the foundation of the economy, and forcing governments to cut their budgets to pay for these endless "bailouts."  The effect is to shut down the real economy and to cause inflation, which further strangles the real economy.  This is intentional, and the predictable end of the process is the collapse of the financial system, which is why LaRouche expects world war soon, before the British lose their financial control over the planet.

If you can't trust the British government, who can you trust?

(Reuters) - Iran is clearly trying to develop a nuclear weapons capability, and if it succeeds it will set off a dangerous round of nuclear proliferation across the Middle East, British Foreign Secretary William Hague said in an interview published on Saturday.
from UK's Hague sees Iran nuclear push leading to arms race

He has some of that ultra tip-top secret British imperial intelligence, which he naturally can't show us.  But has it ever been wrong?

Friday, March 2, 2012

Not lack of morality, but lack of conscience

In several entries, I have called attention to the "amorality" of Satanists reflected in their lame excuses for subjecting people to horrible experiences, such as a recent entry based on the admission by a member of Giuliano Mignini's police-coven, that they put people through hell to obtain "information," even as they conceal and destroy information obtained via forensics.  These "interrogations" are intended as forms of SRA, and to obtain "confessions" to "justify" the subsequent hellish prison sentence designed to drive the prisoner's spirit out of them, i.e. to crush their soul, as Winston Smith's soul was crushed in Orwell's 1984.  The purpose of SRA, besides crushing the victim's soul, is to open the soul of the perpetrator to demonic possession, which is a subsidiary purpose of Satanism.  Satanists of course aren't told this, or even that they're Satanists, but rather that it's a means of unfolding some superhuman powers, while what's actually unfolding within them is a subhuman power.

But it occurred to me that this lack of morality actually reflects something deeper - a lack of conscience, and that this is a characteristic of psychopaths.  So, I looked into this connection, and found an article entitled Psychopathic Personality: The Absence of Conscience.  So, it's clearly the MAIN characteristic of psychopathy.  The article interestingly indicates that psychopathy was once known as "moral insanity."

I suspect that psychopathy is due to a failure to absorb the "Christ impulse," of which conscience is a major aspect.  However, I have no way to prove this.  Medical researchers might point to certain brain characteristics, but who's to say which came first - failure to absorb the Christ impulse, or the brain defect?

Rudolf Steiner taught that the Christ impulse is a key to preventing "Jupiter man" possession, in which a person can become possessed, perhaps temporarily, by simply abandoning themselves to their lowest impulses, if there is nothing, i.e. the Christ impulse, to block these beings from spreading from the lowest levels of the soul to the middle and highest levels.  I have noticed an affinity between Satanism and psychopaths, i.e. that they recruit psychopaths, perhaps precisely because they are easiest to convert to pods, which is secondary only to Satanism's agenda to create a global Orwellian fascist state to drive the human spirit out of the world and into the so-called "8th Sphere" made by the forces of evil.  The specifically Luciferic or "flip" side of this effort is the drive to cultivate an escapist-fantasy mindset in mankind, so that they will not only be repelled by Satan's hellish world order, but attracted to the realm of pure fantasy which is the 8th Sphere.  The American gulag created as part of the "war on terror" epitomizes this effort.  If you think I'm misguided, take a look at the typical Skull & Bones "class photo" in which the table bedecked with a skull and bones represents Earth reduced to a realm of spiritual death, and the clock set to 8 represents the 8th Sphere.  It is likely that the British tools who belong to Skull & Bones, such as Senator Kerry and George W. Bush, aren't told about this agenda.  But Bush obviously dis his part, and now Kerry is doing his.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Brietbart, touting Obama tapes, dies in LA shortly after Obama visits LA

Said Breitbart (via “The videos are going to come out, the narrative is going to come out, that Barack Obama met a bunch of silver ponytails in the 1980s, like Bill (Ayers) and Bernadine (Dohrn), who said one day we would have the presidency....
from Andrew Breitbart, dead at 43, was to release explosive tapes featuring Obama

Killing people and making it look like a heart attack is standard fare for intelligence agencies. There's no doubt that Obama is capable of ordering such a hit, after what happened to Libya and what's happening to Syria, and considering that he claims to have the right to execute Americans without trial.

How about "Kindled" Korans in exchange for kindled Korans?

KABUL, Afghanistan — Three major investigations were under way on Wednesday into the Koran burning at Bagram Air Base by the American military last week, the event that plunged Afghanistan into days of deadly protests claiming as many as 30 Afghan lives and coinciding with the shooting deaths of four American soldiers.
from Koran Burning in Afghanistan Prompts 3 Parallel Inquiries

It should be obvious by now that the whole thing was staged.  For years, the US has been deliberately desecrating copies of the Koran, which exist by the millions or billions and can be replaced for $10, as part of its ritual abuse disguised as interrogation.  Why didn't it just deny that the latest supposed "inadvertent" desecration occurred?  The only "proof" that it did occur was our governments "admission" to that effect.  I suspect that our government is trying to prove how "democratic" it is, after all the slaughter, terror, destruction, and torture, to make Syria look bad and "justify" an invasion.

Besides, the Afghans shouldn't care so much about what the Great Satan thinks of their religion, and they should realize in this day and age that what matters about the Koran are the principles, not the paper and ink. A step in that direction would be to provide them with Amazon Kindles, and let them download copies from the internet.  There was a time when making a copy was a massive undertaking, and each copy was very valuable, but now making a copy takes a few seconds.