Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Afghan massacre: Shades of Andrea Yates?

Assuming that the recent reports about an American soldier going berserk and killing a bunch of Afghan civilians are true, I have found a way to explain it: temporary possession by the Spirits of Darkness, who typically use people to do their dirty work and dispose of them like used tissue.  (For more on this sort of possession, see my essays on Andrea Yates, links to which can be found here.) This would explain the wild, inhuman nature of this incident, which I noted in Jared Loughner's rampage, and others which I suspect were the work of the Spirits of Darkness.  The soldier was supposedly suffering from PTSD and a brain injury, which might have made him more susceptible to their influence.   Interestingly, the area of the attack is fairly close to a ley line, where the influences of certain Satanic beings are stronger.  Also, it took place as Spring approached (the influence of some Satanic beings peaks with the Summer solstice).