Thursday, March 1, 2012

How about "Kindled" Korans in exchange for kindled Korans?

KABUL, Afghanistan — Three major investigations were under way on Wednesday into the Koran burning at Bagram Air Base by the American military last week, the event that plunged Afghanistan into days of deadly protests claiming as many as 30 Afghan lives and coinciding with the shooting deaths of four American soldiers.
from Koran Burning in Afghanistan Prompts 3 Parallel Inquiries

It should be obvious by now that the whole thing was staged.  For years, the US has been deliberately desecrating copies of the Koran, which exist by the millions or billions and can be replaced for $10, as part of its ritual abuse disguised as interrogation.  Why didn't it just deny that the latest supposed "inadvertent" desecration occurred?  The only "proof" that it did occur was our governments "admission" to that effect.  I suspect that our government is trying to prove how "democratic" it is, after all the slaughter, terror, destruction, and torture, to make Syria look bad and "justify" an invasion.

Besides, the Afghans shouldn't care so much about what the Great Satan thinks of their religion, and they should realize in this day and age that what matters about the Koran are the principles, not the paper and ink. A step in that direction would be to provide them with Amazon Kindles, and let them download copies from the internet.  There was a time when making a copy was a massive undertaking, and each copy was very valuable, but now making a copy takes a few seconds.