Saturday, March 17, 2012

Kandahar massacre: Did other "soldiers" come from base?

Karzai went on to say that his delegation rejected the current US narrative of a single shooter, and that “this was not carried out by one man and was a deliberate and intentional act.”
from Karzai: US Not Cooperating in Massacre Probe

The Kandahar massacre was appaently an "advanced" form of the night raids that have been occurring all along, with a "lone nut" cover story superimposed upon it.  As some writers have implied, the "lone nut" narrative just doesn't make sense.  What fits is what the villagers are claiming, i.e. that it was perpetrated by several soldiers.  For all we know, these "soldiers" didn't come from the base, but were actually just a bunch of drunken Nietzschean "supermen" (unburdened by conscience) flown in and dressed up as soldiers to put put the finishing touches on those "magical powers" (in which they don't get occult powers, but "magical powers" GET THEM, i.e. take possession), and to fan the flames of their master's "Apocalypse."  The "lone nut" narrative would then be just a means of keeping the reality of night raids hidden from us, as usual, so that they can continue.