Friday, March 23, 2012

Media attempts to convict Bales of mass murder with evidence of other misdeeds

OLYMPIA, Wash. — A second incident involving alcohol and violence surfaced Thursday in the background of the Army staff sergeant suspected of killing 17 Afghan villagers — a 2008 allegation that he thrust a woman's hand to his crotch and fought with her boyfriend.
from Massacre suspect accused of 2008 drunken assault

So how does this drunken, macho behavior prove that he's responsible for the Kandahar massacre, or even that he's capable of such a deed?  Why not go to Afghanistan and interview eyewitnesses?

Bales reportedly bilked an elderly couple out of over a million bucks.  If so, he should be punished for that crime, with his military service taken into consideration.   But to convict him of mass murder by providing evidence of minor infractions, while ignoring eyewitness accounts of that massacre and allowing the military to hide or destroy surveillance video supposedly taken at the time of the massacre, is hardly justice.