Sunday, March 4, 2012

Media mocks us with its economic "reports"

(Reuters) - Prospects for a sustained global economic recovery dimmed on Thursday as manufacturing cooled in the United States and European factories sputtered at a time when central banks are running out of policy options.
from Europe a drag on world economy, US data mixed

What's really happening is that the central banks are funneling credit into black holes of gambling debts racked up by private institutions, because they claim that these debts are the foundation of the economy, and forcing governments to cut their budgets to pay for these endless "bailouts."  The effect is to shut down the real economy and to cause inflation, which further strangles the real economy.  This is intentional, and the predictable end of the process is the collapse of the financial system, which is why LaRouche expects world war soon, before the British lose their financial control over the planet.