Friday, March 2, 2012

Not lack of morality, but lack of conscience

In several entries, I have called attention to the "amorality" of Satanists reflected in their lame excuses for subjecting people to horrible experiences, such as a recent entry based on the admission by a member of Giuliano Mignini's police-coven, that they put people through hell to obtain "information," even as they conceal and destroy information obtained via forensics.  These "interrogations" are intended as forms of SRA, and to obtain "confessions" to "justify" the subsequent hellish prison sentence designed to drive the prisoner's spirit out of them, i.e. to crush their soul, as Winston Smith's soul was crushed in Orwell's 1984.  The purpose of SRA, besides crushing the victim's soul, is to open the soul of the perpetrator to demonic possession, which is a subsidiary purpose of Satanism.  Satanists of course aren't told this, or even that they're Satanists, but rather that it's a means of unfolding some superhuman powers, while what's actually unfolding within them is a subhuman power.

But it occurred to me that this lack of morality actually reflects something deeper - a lack of conscience, and that this is a characteristic of psychopaths.  So, I looked into this connection, and found an article entitled Psychopathic Personality: The Absence of Conscience.  So, it's clearly the MAIN characteristic of psychopathy.  The article interestingly indicates that psychopathy was once known as "moral insanity."

I suspect that psychopathy is due to a failure to absorb the "Christ impulse," of which conscience is a major aspect.  However, I have no way to prove this.  Medical researchers might point to certain brain characteristics, but who's to say which came first - failure to absorb the Christ impulse, or the brain defect?

Rudolf Steiner taught that the Christ impulse is a key to preventing "Jupiter man" possession, in which a person can become possessed, perhaps temporarily, by simply abandoning themselves to their lowest impulses, if there is nothing, i.e. the Christ impulse, to block these beings from spreading from the lowest levels of the soul to the middle and highest levels.  I have noticed an affinity between Satanism and psychopaths, i.e. that they recruit psychopaths, perhaps precisely because they are easiest to convert to pods, which is secondary only to Satanism's agenda to create a global Orwellian fascist state to drive the human spirit out of the world and into the so-called "8th Sphere" made by the forces of evil.  The specifically Luciferic or "flip" side of this effort is the drive to cultivate an escapist-fantasy mindset in mankind, so that they will not only be repelled by Satan's hellish world order, but attracted to the realm of pure fantasy which is the 8th Sphere.  The American gulag created as part of the "war on terror" epitomizes this effort.  If you think I'm misguided, take a look at the typical Skull & Bones "class photo" in which the table bedecked with a skull and bones represents Earth reduced to a realm of spiritual death, and the clock set to 8 represents the 8th Sphere.  It is likely that the British tools who belong to Skull & Bones, such as Senator Kerry and George W. Bush, aren't told about this agenda.  But Bush obviously dis his part, and now Kerry is doing his.