Saturday, March 31, 2012

Slander charges vs. Knox's parents: More of Mignini's projection of his crimes onto his victims

PERUGIA, Italy— Key witnesses failed to show up Friday for the slander trial of Amanda Knox’s parents, NBC News reports, causing the judge to delay the trial until next year.
from Amanda Knox parents' trial delayed, key witnesses don't show
Though their daughter may be out of the slammer, Amanda's parents, Edda Mellas and Curt Knox, could now find themselves sentenced to prison. In 2009, they were charged with criminal defamation in Perugia. Eight Perugia police officers claimed they were libeled when Amanda's parents told a British newspaper that their daughter was physically abused during a police interrogation. If convicted, Edda Mellas and Curt Knox could be sentenced to up to three years in prison in Italy and fined (neither parent plans to appear at the trial, nor does Amanda Knox, and there is not extradition for criminal defamation).
Last year, back in real-life Perugia, a lawyer told the judge and jury deciding Amanda Knox's fate that the American honor student from Seattle was "a satanic, diabolic, she-devil given to borderline behavior." Not surprisingly, the lawyer offered no proof for his claims. It raises the question; could that kind of outburst be considered slander in Italy? 
from Amanda Knox's parents to go on trial in Perugia

I didn't realize until reading the latter article excerpted above that the slander trial for Amanda Knox's parents is essentially a formality, which at most might keep them from visiting Italy to avoid incarceration in some dungeon. This might be why the witnesses failed to appear - to keep these ridiculous charges hanging over their heads, instead of declaring their innocence and being done with it.  The judge should have dismissed the charges long ago, but certainly when the witnesses failed to appear.  So, this again shows that Italy's "justice" system is a "respectable" front for the likes of Mignini.  This is typical of Satanism: put their "respectable" people in at the top, where they use their power to enable Satanism and to protect Satanists who are in danger of being held accountable for some crime.

The same article also raises an interesting point, which is that Mignini and Coven slandered Knox on a regular basis, and yet appear to be immune. This makes sense when you realize that they consider themselves to be above human laws, as indicated by Mignini's multiple crime sprees disguised as prosecutions, and the Italian court's refusal to put an end to it (although Italy's financial crisis might have this effect).

But not only are they not being held accountable for slander - they're allowed to charge their VICTIMS with slander, which is a variation on what they've been doing from the start of the Knox ordeal.  It began when apparent Satanist Rudy Guede butchered Meredith Kercher at the behest of organized Satanism (in order to launch another "Monster of Florence"-type witch hunt for Mignini and Coven), and Mignini did his best to pin it on Knox and let the "poor unfortunate" Guede skate.