Friday, March 9, 2012

Tepco executives: untouchable servants of British empire

We Tokyoites must demand that some high-ranking indictments fly because the Prime Minister of the moment, Yoshihiko Noda, won't. At the weekend, Noda said that no individual could be held responsible for the nuclear fallout and that everyone should ''share the pain''.
It was a jaw-dropping comment....
from Time for a perp walk of power plant executives

The main reason I think it's important to investigate those behind the decisions to leave the plant in operation, after they were shown evidence of the potential for precisely such a disaster, is to expose what I suspect was a plot to allow the plant to be hit by a tsunami to serve as an example of the "inherent" dangers of nuclear power.

However, the real issue is the hysteria over "extreme radiation levels" that is preventing the evacuation zone from being salvaged and rebuilt.  I suspect it's intended to get us used to living in a dark age, in which "extreme radiation" will serve as an excuse to do nothing, just as the claim that "there's no money" is now the excuse for not doing anything constructive, although there's plenty of money for insane "wars" and "bailouts."