Sunday, April 29, 2012

"Armgeddon," ho!

Senate Democrat Jim Webb of Virginia broke ranks from the cowardly Democratic Foreign Relations chairman John Kerry, who presided over the mark-up, and also voted against the resolution, which is named "Calling for democratic change in Syria, and for other purposes." 
from Republican Opposition, Sen. Webb Slam Regime Change Resolution

"Democratic change": chaos, as in Libya. "Other purposes": War with Russia and China, including the use of nuclear weapons. Blair's puppet and Bonesman, Senator Kerry, is showing us what Skull & Bones is all about: starting "wars" for the British empire, in service of Satan's agenda of creating Hell on Earth, in the guise of "unwittingly fulfilling prophecy." It's safe to say that he also knows that the violence in Syria is being driven by NATO "black ops" terrorists who are working with Al Qaeda. As is typical of a war-provocation, he and the media (including "Apocalypse" cheerleader Jack van Impe) are ignoring the provocation, focusing only on the Syrian government's response, distorting it, and pushing for an invasion to "protect" the Syrian people. Ask the Libyans how they like "democracy."