Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Chronicles of the Supermen, part 45-098246-02261-09145-07145690

A New Jersey dad who suspected something was "horrifyingly wrong" at school when his autistic son began acting violently had the boy wear a digital recorder and discovered teachers verbally abusing him.
Chaifetz took the audio to school officials.
"They were shocked and horrified as I was and I appreciate the fact that they took immediate action and fired one of the aides in the class," he said. "The problem is that they didn't fire the teacher because of tenure and she was moved to another school."
from New Jersey Autistic Boy Records Teachers' Alleged Abuse

The administrators were shocked and horrified not because of the abuse, because someone had obtained evidence of it, and it was resolved quickly to minimize exposure. (The "tenure" claim is just an excuse for keeping the teacher employed - it shouldn't allow such egregious conduct. But that's precisely the sort of response I'd expect from a Satanism-enabler "above suspicion" installed at the top.) If the father thinks he's going to accomplish anything by appealing to the consciences of anyone in this system, he's wasting his time, because they have none - they only look human, but they are actually Satanic beings, or unwittingly working on becoming such beings.

This is the true face of Satanism, which "recruits" by luring gullible youngsters who would make useful puppets for Satanic spirits, into Dionysian abandonment and Satanic possession.  These body-snatching spirits then use their bodies to wage war on mankind.

This begins by convincing them that Dionysian abandon is the mark of a superior class of human (one of Satan's scribe and Darwin's fan Nietzsche's main themes), which is intended to let a certain group of Satan's underlings get their foot in the door. Then they progress to SRA (first openly advocated by Nietzsche's fan Crowley in the Book of the Law, to my knowledge), which is partly intended to cultivate Satanic-demonic possession (which imparts INSTINCTS of destruction and turns the human into a cunning being of destruction).  Once possessed by these "magical powers," abuse becomes "second nature," so they no longer have to work at it.

SRA is also intended to create a dread of Earth-life in its victims, so that his/her spirit "diverts" into the 8th Sphere upon reincarnation, leaving the body prepared for him bereft of a higher spirit, as symbolized by Skull & Bones' class photos.

In the future, their evil will show in faces of those they inhabit, which is why they're in such a hurry to create a global Satanic dictatorship, designed to destroy the human race forever, while they can still pretend to be human. But in the long run, according to the Book of Revelation (which is highly symbolic and based on a clairvoyant vision of mankind's destiny), mankind wins.