Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Defending the "free market" with socialism

Also notable, is the number of candidates for federal office (in addition to the LPAC slate) who have also endorsed Glass- Steagall:
- Jim Graves, a "hotel magnate" and Democratic challenger to Minnesota Rep. Michelle Bachman, reportedly told Mother Jones that he thinks it was a mistake to repeal Glass-Steagall, but he also told them, "I'm very free-market kind of guy."
from Glass-Steagall and the Fight to Stop World War III

He means he's one of Mammon's many puppets, who as usual can't keep their lies straight, or figures that we're too ignorant to recognize them. Glass-Steagall IS a true "free trade" bill, because it would end the process of "socializing" bank gambling (derivatives) losses.

The article also raises the issue of "too big to fail," even though the policies ostensibly designed to protect the banks which are "too big to fail" will destroy the economy and the banks, as intended.