Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ghoulish "American soldiers" provide cover for their Nazi commanders

From the White House to the American Embassy in Kabul, American officials rushed to distance themselves from the actions of U.S. soldiers who posed for photographs next to corpses and body parts of Afghan insurgents.
from Photos of U.S. soldiers posing with Afghan corpses prompt condemnation

Where's the beef?  Ever hear of a firing squad? Oh, but I forget that they're untouchable supermen by virtue of selling their souls to the right people (or at least humanoids), and who never do anything that puts them at risk, meaning that they knew when they took the photos that they'd be let off the hook, or rewarded, ultimately.

The brass wails that these photos will only escalate conflict, as if they had any intention of ending it anytime soon.  I wouldn't be surprised to learn that they arranged for this incident, and for the photos to be published, to "explain" why the "war" drags on. If our government really want to prove that they're not behind it, and that they disapprove, they know what to do: line them up against a wall and execute them, so there is no doubt that they paid a price. But they won't, because Satanic beings in human bodies ("supermen") rule this country, and they protect their fellow pods, regardless of rank. They're all one happy Borg, and they're so lifelike.