Saturday, April 7, 2012

Obama blatantly demonstrates his contempt for America

Barack Obama, because of his contumacious rejection of the Supreme Court's Constitutionally defined attributes, has now put himself in the position of being immediately impeachable from the Presidency of the United States, Lyndon LaRouche stated today.
from Obama Could Go To War to Avoid Judicial Challenges

In my opinion, nothing shows British imperial tool Obama's contempt for the US more than this incident, although his  "liberation" of Libya (which unleashed chaos, as intended) without Congress' approval is a close second.  He was, after all, a professor of Constitutional law, so for him to dismiss the Supreme Court on the basis that they are not elected officials is a matter of deliberately, wittingly declaring the Constitution to be null and void. Even after a federal judge demanded that the Obama administration acknowledge the authority of the courts, Obama, through AG Holder, essentially paid lip service to the Constitution, and then nullified it by claiming that Obama's original statement was consistent with the Constitution, when in fact it reflected his Nero complex.  It also shows how stupid he thinks we are, that he would make such a statement, and give such a response to a federal judge, and expect us not to recognize that he thinks he's above the Constitution, and so clever that we won't recognize his claim to dictatorial powers.