Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Oikos college shooter: just a narcissist, or was he nudged?

OAKLAND, California — A Korean-American former student accused of killing seven people at a private Christian college in California lined up his victims and shot them execution-style, police said Tuesday.
The 43-year-old planned the killings after being expelled from the college near San Francisco, was “upset” at staff and other students and had displayed “no remorse,” a senior officer said.
from US college shooter showed ‘no remorse’ in executing victims–police

The fact that he shows no remorse seems to indicate that his motivation was ego-driven, and that he felt that his life was over, that he had nothing to lose, and that he was going to get revenge on those whom he believed had ruined his life.  Still, this doesn't rule out some Spirit of Darkness seeing an opportunity to to push someone over the edge with just a little effort, because of the short-sightedness (from the shooter's perspective) and sheer monstrousness of such a crime.