Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Organized Satanism's control over the food supply

One of the more ominous aspects of organized Satanism's control over the economy is its control over the production and distribution of food.  For the time being, it operates for the most part in a manner consistent with the non-conspiratorial view of society, but it has recently made its control over our food supply abundantly clear to me by monitoring my purchases and planting defective and contaminated versions of these items on the shelf when I go shopping at Safeway or Walmart, just as it feeds disgusting "food" to prisoners in its "care" around the world, as part of its war on the human spirit. (Many of theirs have been replaced by the opposite.) It has clearly put a lot of thought into ways to render food unpalatable, to put it mildly, without risking exposure. (If it were as simple as submitting the food to some government lab for testing, they wouldn't do it, so obviously they've rigged the system to prevent this.)

Considering the size of the horde that often descends on the checkout section exactly when I head in that direction, it is easy to imagine that these items are put in place and removed very quickly in a highly coordinated fashion. (I know this sounds insane - they count on this to discredit anyone who learns to recognize them and says anything about it.)  It also appears that they manipulate me to arrive in a particular aisle at a particular time by moving their "flash mobs" around the store, clogging some aisles while leaving others empty. (The fact that some aisles can be emptied indicates that, without the Satanic horde or "Borg," there wouldn't be many people in the store, which is possible because the area - rural SE Arizona - appears to be an enclave for organized Satanism. They'll let you buy some of their real estate at a high price, and then drive you out and force you to sell it back to them at a low price.) The fact that some of the items are obviously defective or contaminated (as opposed to merely spoiled, or as John Yoo would put it, "legally not spoiled," even months before their expiration dates), indicates that this control extends to their suppliers, or rather, members of organized Satanism who run these suppliers.

So, if you find that some food you've purchased at a grocery store is obviously defective, now you know that it probably was a case of SRA, and a way for organized Satanism to drop a subtle hint of its presence, which is one of its favorite pastimes.