Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pyromaniac Obama at work to ignite "Armageddon"

SYRIA- A car bomb on Tuesday rocked central Damascus while as a sharp escalation in deaths in Syria is casting new doubts on a UN peace mission. 
from Violence in Syria, Ceasefire & Monitors
In an effort to prevent human rights abuses in Iran and Syria, President Obama issued an executive order Monday authorizing sanctions against those countries and companies that help them acquire and use technology to track down dissidents online or on communications networks.
from Obama Authorizes Sanctions Over Iran, Syria Internet Crackdowns
Meanwhile, ten leading Spanish financial entitities are trying to do just that, proposing to off-load foreclosed properties that they own, with price reductions of up to 80%. The Spanish daily ABC reports that, at a meeting of SIMA (Madrid International Real Estate Forum), "the need to liquidate the banks' 'stock' of housing has led to aggressive offers of up to 80% [write-downs] in the case of Banesto, of more than 50% in the case of Bankia and even promotions by Caixabanka in which potential buyers are encouraged to make a price offer... [There is also a] 'final sale' being proposed by Altamira Real Estate, the real estate branch of Banco Santander."
from Spain's Banks: Beyond Bad

In other words, Her Majesty's hood ornament Obama is trying to prevent Iran and Syria from defending themselves from what are actually Anglo-American black operations (disguised by intelligence agents within the media as popular uprisings) in league with Al Qaeda (British-created "Islamic militants" in service of chaos), and to provide himself with a "justification" for increasing hostilities toward countries trying to help them defend themselves against these invasions.  He is hell bent on starting a world war featuring the use of nuclear weapons (a.k.a. "Armageddon"), just coincidentally as Mammon's financial wizards start writing off vast amount of the bogus, unpayable debt "owed" to them.