Monday, April 2, 2012

What was in it for Satan?

Paul Singh, whose sister was one of three wounded, told Reuters that the gunman instructed students: “Get in line and I'm going to kill you all.”
from Oakland college gunman: 'I'm going to kill you all'

As we contemplate the latest inhuman rampage, this time at Oikos University, it might help to make sense of it to consider the possibility that the shooter didn't know what drove him to do it, although he might have thought he knew what did. Possession takes place at the level of the will, in the form of urges to take action, and the emotions and thoughts conform to "explain" the urges.

It might also help to look at it from the perspective of a higher-level being whose mission is to create hell on Earth in order to drive the human spirit out of the world and destroy mankind forever (Orwell: "... a boot stamping on a human face, forever.")  Note that there seems to be a certain "rhythm" to these attacks, and that the attacker always seems to know that there won't be anyone around who can shoot back, such as an undercover security guard. It is the week leading up to Good Friday, and the attack occurred at a Christian school whose students are in many cases pursuing careers in nursing.  So, perhaps you can begin to recognize that there might be spiritual dimensions to these crimes even when there are more conventional explanations for them.  Especially when we conclude that the shooter was sane at the time of the shooting, and not so stupid that he thought he would get away with it, then we have to consider the possibility that he was compelled, or at least strongly pressured, by malevolent spiritual beings with their own agenda.