Thursday, May 31, 2012

The British empire never really left its former colony of Yemen

The government of Yemen has put itself in an impossible situation, where the only “friends” it has are, ironically, its ... enemies.
from Don’t Let the British Turn Yemen into an Afghanistan!

For a crash course in the situation in Yemen, I suggest the above-referenced article.  The gist of it seems to be that the British empire has been finely manipulating the situation there since it was a British colony, with what I assume has been an intent to cause it to spiral into chaos in this general time frame, as part of its plan to destroy civilization. It's not just trying to kill us because we're cluttering up its planet, but it, as a literal tool of the Devil, is trying to eradicate free will from the human race, as indicated here. Orwell's 1984 is based on knowledge of this plan, and Guantanamo is a sort of real-world Ministry of Love.

Drone "warfare" drones on and on

It's really difficult trying to find something that proves that drone warfare, as it is currently being waged, has nothing to do with waging war on terrorism.  I contend that it is intended as air-terrorism, which is designed to convince everyone in the affected areas that they could be "accidentally" obliterated at any moment, and that this is part of creating the Hell on Earth required to implement the 8th Sphere agenda. The resulting hatred for "the West" also helps the local British imperial terrorist-controllers recruit new cannon fodder.

However, it seems to me that what exposes the drone-strikes as terrorism is their "rhythm," their seeming endlessness, and the sense that nothing is being accomplished other than to provoke terror and hatred. If we really were killing top terrorists in such large numbers, it seems that it wouldn't take so long to destroy these groups. But the fact is that "Islamic terrorism" is just a front for the British empire, which has used terrorism for centuries as part of its divide-and-rule policy. Behind those who are radicalized by US atrocities, is a hard core of untouchable military-grade Satanic terrorists (including Special Forces-types of mercenaries of various nationalities) and patsy-organizers, which are ultimately controlled by British intelligence. These Nietzschean "supermen"-terrorists are the ones behind the worst acts of terrorism, such as 9/11. This explains the Israelis who were seen dancing for joy when the WTC was imploded with demolition charges, and who were then spirited out of the country by US intelligence. This also explains the "resiliency" of "Islamic" terrorism, and why we so often hear the phrase "previously unknown group," which are just new names for existing groups, or new front-groups of errand boys and patsies for the actual terrorists and organizers.

This would also explain the December 17th, 2009 massacre at al-Majala, in the Abyan province of Yemen, in which a US cruise missile killed 41 innocent people at a Bedoin emcampment, including many women and children, who were supposedly terrorists in training. US Gen. Petraeus, now the director of the CIA, was later found by Wikileaks to have arranged for the Yemeni president to claim that the massacre was the work of the Yemeni military, even though US cruise missile parts were found at the site. My guess is that the US government also arranged to have Yemen take the blame for the "intelligence failure" which supposedly triggered the attack. The massacre kicked off a massive recruitment drive by the aforementioned terrorist-controllers (who were conveniently put in place long before the strike) and a three-year orgy of violence, in which few if any actual hard-core terrorists were killed.  This would be consistent with my claim that the "war on terror" consists of tit-for-tat terrorism which is "misdirected," crushing the country between the "two sides" which are actually two tentacles of the British empire - which now doesn't have to worry about the Bridge of the Horns, a major link of the global Land-Bridge (a key aspect of a real economic recovery), being built anytime soon.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Drone policy shell game?

There appears to be an attempt by the White House to obfuscate the purpose of drone strikes, based on Riyadh’s Station Chief, John Brennan, Takes JSOC’s Drone Keys Away.  Shortly before the latest underwear-bomb scare, it appeared that the White House was going to take control over the program and scrutinize every target-choice. But is appears that after the underwear-bomb scare, this effort, or pretense, was essentially dropped, and that things went back to business as usual, with the CIA and JSOC conducting "signature" strikes, the criteria for which are indicated by the following excerpts:
The story recounts one-on-one meetings between Obama and Hillary Clinton, for which only she could be the source, in which she swore allegiance to his bloodbath policy, but tried unsuccessfully to interest him in discussions of how people become radicalized in the first place.
The source of Obama's repeated lie that there are hardly any civilian casualties in all this butchery, is that all military-aged males in a strike zone are counted as combatants, unless it is explicitly proven otherwise after their deaths! This lie has so troubled some administration officials that they have brought their concerns to the White House.
from 36 Present and Past Aides Point to Obama the Crazed Killer

“The Predator crew demonstrated a propensity/bias for kinetic operations and failed to accurately pass Distributed Common Ground Systems (DCGS) Screeners [the analysts watching the live video feed from the drone] assessments to the [commander in the field] that could have prevented the strike.  The Predator crew’s bias towards kinetic operations skewed their reports.  The Predator crew emphasized information suggesting the vehicles were hostile, while downplaying or ignoring information to the contrary.”  (Centcom FOIA 10-0218 Uruzgan , p.61)
Elsewhere in the papers, the investigator lays out in detail, using the audio logs of conversations from the drone pilots, how they  “skewed” their reports towards an attack:
3:  The Predator pilot and crew constantly challenged the Screeners assessment whenever there was an indication that it may not have been a hostile target. “AT LEAST ONE CHILD… REALLY?  ASSISTING MAM [MILITARY TERM MEANING MILITARY AGED MALES] MEANS HE’S GUILTY…. Review that (expletive deleted).  Why didn’t he say ’possible child’?  Why are they so quick to call (expletive deleted) kids but not call (expletive deleted) a rifle”

from Drones and the ‘propensity to kinetic action’

So, simply being a military-aged-male (MAM), or a child assisting a MAM, is sufficient to qualify a drone-strike victim as a "militant." Having a rifle is apparently also sufficient to qualify someone as a "militant."  In other words, they have an easy excuse to target just about anyone, which is exactly what you'd expect if the actual goal of the drone attacks is to terrify the population and drive them into the arms of the "Islamic" terrorist-controllers which Scahill indicates have a mysterious immunity from drone strikes. Also note that the above excerpt in which Hillary Clinton "tried unsuccessfully to interest [O'Bombus] in discussions of how people become radicalized in the first place."  Perhaps he didn't want to discuss it because he didn't want to admit that radicalizing every military-aged-male IS his policy, as it appears to be.

For more on my opinion on drone strikes, see this post.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Christopher Harris' virtual killer is reportedly "devastated emotionally," but why?

Image from article referenced below - Note number on badge: 1136, which consists of 11, the number of black magic (which Satanism pretends to be, although it's just a tool of black magic) and 3 and 6, or 36, which are some of Satanism's most basic "magical" numbers.  I doubt it's just a coincidence that a badge with this number was chosen for the photo.

We have nothing with the outcast and the unfit: let them die in their misery. For they feel not. COMPASSION IS THE VICE OF KINGS: stamp down the wretched & the weak: this is the law of the strong: this is our law and the joy of the world....
There is no law beyond Do what thou wilt. 
from The Book of the Law, by Aleister Crowley [emphasis added]
The video is chilling. Christopher Harris comes to a stop from a run in front of the Cinerama Theater in Belltown and begins to raise his hands. At that moment King County Sheriff's Deputy Matthew Paul, having mistaken Harris for an assault suspect [as if that would justify Paul's actions], hurtles into him with his forearms, sending him crashing headfirst into a concrete wall and leaving him paralyzed and in a coma--a state he's now been in for more than two years.
In the aftermath of that incident, apologies were given, a $10 million lawsuit was settled, and Deputy Paul was said to have been devastated emotionally by what he'd done. But according to KING 5 News, Paul's reckless use of force in the Harris case might be his most tragic, but it's far from the only one.
from Matt Paul, Sheriff's Deputy Who Slammed Innocent Man Into a Coma, Has a Habitual Problem With the Use of Force

Deputy Paul doesn't seem like the sort to be emotionally devastated, although I wouldn't be surprised if he's kicking himself for getting caught on video performing a magical ritual which didn't go as planned.  But he probably also feels smug about belonging to an Occult Conspiracy, as indicated by the fact that he got away with not-murder through the prosecutor's use of magical hypnotic words such as "standard take-down procedure" and "good faith use of force." (The convenient legal standard reserved for Satanists in certain circumstances, when their crimes can't be hidden, is that THEY DIDN'T BELIEVE that they were doing anything wrong. It's a good thing it doesn't apply to everyone, or there would be very few people on the planet.)

So, the claim that he's "devastated emotionally" makes no sense unless you assume that the phrase is an exact quote of Deputy Paul or an authorized spokesperson (which seems reasonable), and that it was meant to be understood by converting it to its numerical equivalent, i.e. 101 141, i.e. 11 6.

Beware NY Times "White House insider" whitewash

Beside the president at every step is his counterterrorism adviser, John O. Brennan, who is variously compared by colleagues to a dogged police detective, tracking terrorists from his cavelike office in the White House basement, or a priest whose blessing has become indispensable to Mr. Obama, echoing the president’s attempt to apply the “just war” theories of Christian philosophers to a brutal modern conflict.
from Secret ‘Kill List’ Proves a Test of Obama’s Principles and Will
The Obama administration is facing scrutiny for its role in the imprisonment of a Yemeni journalist who exposed how the United States was behind a 2009 bombing in Yemen that killed 14 women and 21 children. 
from Jeremy Scahill: Why is President Obama Keeping Yemeni Journalist Abdulelah Haider Shaye in Prison?
Every word that comes from Hitler's mouth is a lie. When he says peace, he means war, and when he blasphemously uses the name of the Almighty, he means the power of evil, the fallen angel, Satan. His mouth is the foul-smelling maw of Hell, and his might is at bottom accursed. [W]hoever today still doubts the reality, the existence of demonic powers, has failed by a wide margin to understand the metaphysical background of this war. Behind the concrete, the visible events, behind all objective, logical considerations, we find the irrational element: The struggle against the demon, against the servants of the Antichrist.
from Leaflets of The White Rose: The Fourth Leaflet

It seems to me that the reason Obama want this journalist in prison is to prevent him and other journalists from reporting the truth about the drone strikes, so that we will believe fairy tales such as the one quoted at the top of this entry. The fact is that he's trying to start a world war which would annihilate civilization, to allow Mammon's British empire to continue to run the planet when its financial house of cards collapses. As part of this effort to start a war with Russia, NATO black-ops terrorists have gone on a terror/murder spree in Syria, and the New York Times is pretending that the Syrian government, which is fighting these monsters, is responsible for their deeds. So excuse me if I don't buy their "White House insider" fairy tales.

BBC caught in big war-mongering lie

A few days have passed since the BBC irresponsibly passed off this 2003 picture of dead Iraqis as depicting dead Syrians in last week’s Houla massacre. 
from The BBC’s Photo Fib of a Syrian Massacre

This is par for the course in most of the British empire's recent "R2P" chaos-operations. I was just thinking how appropriate it is for the British empire to use the lion - the major predatory animal in the world - as its symbol. Their desperation to unleash world war is actually an admission that LaRouche is right, and that their financial house of cards, consisting of gambling-IOUs, is about to collapse.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Catholics reflexively protect child killer

Pedro Hernandez, the man who confessed to the 1979 murder of Etan Patz, may have taken credit for the crime long before now.
Hernandez actually confessed to the murder of the six-year-old at his church prayer group three decades ago, but no one reported him to the authorities.
Thomas Rivera, who led the prayer group back then, admits that he heard Hernandez' confession.
Rivera, 76, who was questioned by NYPD detectives last week and asked to keep quiet, said he did not contact police "because (Hernandez) did not confess to me" in a one-on-one setting, the paper reported.
from Pedro Hernandez Confessed Murder of Etan Patz to Church Group Back in the ’80s

But the group did give him an award for courage, integrity, and good citizenship.

Christopher Harris incident: Was there really a stabbing?

The incident happened on May 10, 2009, outside the Cinerama Theatre in Belltown.
Later, with Harris still in a coma, KCSO spokesman John Urquhart explained the situation, saying that "sometimes bad things happen to good people."
The deputy "just came right at him full force and pushed him. The kid lifted off in the air and slammed" into the wall, said Cody, 44.
"I ran up because I didn't know who these guys were," (Ron) Cody said of the deputies, testifying that he thought they were bouncers because of their all-black dress. HE SAID THEY IDENTIFIED THEMSELVES AS OFFICERS AND TOLD CODY: "YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT HE DID." [In other words, they knew that they weren't obviously cops, or they wouldn't have felt that it was necessary to identify themselves as cops.]
from Christopher Harris Still Unable to Walk, Talk, or Eat on His Own....
They received a report of a disturbance at a convenience store at Second Avenue and Bell Street. They walked to the store, but a woman stopped them to report that a man had been beaten up and stabbed at the store. She volunteered to show the deputies where the suspect had gone. The deputies and the woman went to an alley between Second and Third avenues. At the alley, the woman pointed. "That's one of them right there," the Sheriff's Office says she told deputies. [Why would someone involved in a stabbing hang around in the vicinity?]
Back at the convenience store, deputies [supposedly] found blood but no stabbing victim.
Seattle police were investigating that incident, although police still had not identified any suspects or victims, Urquhart said.
Security tapes from the store showed that Harris was not involved, Urquhart said. [Perhaps they also do not show a stabbing. Were any images from the tapes put on the news in an attempt to identify those involved?]
from Deputies after wrong man in chase that ended with him seriously injured

The date (5/10/2009 or 5/10/09) of the incident is interesting because it converts to 6-11 or 6-9, and it was two days after the full Moon.

It is also interesting that it appears that the only evidence of a stabbing is what amounts to rumors.  The video tape of the supposed incident was entrusted with Sgt. John Urquhart, one of the people who would be most interested in hiding the fact that no stabbing actually occurred. It seems to me that if the stabbing actually occurred, and if those responsible were identified, they would have been paraded in the news to take some of the heat off the police.  But I can't find any indications that any victim was even identified.  Nor has the woman who supposedly pointed the police in Harris' direction ever been identified, even though she's probably on the surveillance video, if she actually exists and was in the store. So, perhaps the claim that a stabbing occurred was just a pretext for roughing someone up.

More lame-ality of evil

But Donohoe said since Christopher Harris was identified by witnesses to officers as a suspect in a violent crime, "The law provides that an officer 'shall not be held criminally liable for using force without malice and with a good faith belief that such act is justifiable.'
"He ran for several blocks after he was told to stop by uniformed officers. As the deputy caught up to him, the deputy used a standard take down procedure. As a result, no criminal charge can be filed."
from Prosecutor: No charges for deputy who shoved man into wall

Again, note the legalistic hair-splitting characteristic of organized Satanism, as opposed to common sense and decency.  Furthermore, the officers who chased Harris were not wearing standard uniforms, but all-black "tactical" uniforms, which I assume are intended for SWAT teams. Witnesses claim that they did not identify themselves as cops.

Of COURSE a cop who uses excessive force and can get away with it by claiming that is was necessary is going to say that he believes it was necessary, but all it takes to prove him wrong is to watch the video.  He could have pulled his gun, told Harris to lie face down on the sidewalk, and then cuffed and frisked him. The "standard take-down procedure" might apply to some situations, such as a professional football game, but not this one, obviously, considering that Harris had essentially surrendered, and considering the predictable results.

It is obvious to me that this seemingly absurd law was INTENDED to allow SRA to be concealed by merely claiming to believe that what is obviously gratuitous brutality was justified, just as Cheney's legalistic coven argued that torture is OK if the torturer CLAIMS to have been trying to obtain information!

If nothing else good comes out of this case, at least it's helping to expose the true nature of our Satanic government, which in this case didn't admit any wrongdoing, and essentially penalized taxpayers for "their" government's Satanism.

Lies lie behind claims of Syrian responsibility for massacre

The Syrian government not only declared they had nothing to do with the confirmed deaths in Houla, but that they would conduct an independent investigation and share the results immediately with the UN monitoring team....  British, German, and French UN ambassadors flagrantly lied to reporters immediately afterwards, claiming that evidence confirmed that the Syrian government had carried out the massacre, when no such evidence had been presented....
from Europe Braces for Euro Collapse; Now Is the Time to Move

The fact that these bastards lied indicates that they know there is no evidence to support their claims, and that their own NATO goons are behind the massacre.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Russia lays Syrian atrocity at NATO's feet

UN officials said more than 100 Syrians were killed in what may be the worst atrocity in the 14-month conflict, and they said evidence of artillery and tank shelling indicate that forces under President Bashar al-Assad were to blame. His regime denied responsibility, and Russia said knife wounds on some victims reflected the techniques of his opponents.
from Syrian Carnage Fails to Budge Russia From Mideast Ally

I smelled a NATO rat behind this mass atrocity (so conveniently soon after Obama established his "anti"-mass-atrocity policy), and the Russian government's statement makes more sense to me than the British empire's claim that Assad would do something like this to his own people. The British empire, which is behind one mass atrocity after another, and which controls Obama, is desperate to start a war with Russia, leading to nuclear "Armageddon" and the destruction of civilization. So murdering a couple of hundred people with their black-ops terrorists to start this war is nothing to them.

Atheists as a third category of Darwinist (revised)

NEW YORK -- Richard Leakey predicts skepticism over evolution will soon be history.
Not that the avowed atheist has any doubts himself.
Sometime in the next 15 to 30 years, the Kenyan-born paleoanthropologist expects scientific discoveries will have accelerated to the point that "even the skeptics can accept it."
from Richard Leakey: Evolution Debate Soon Will Be History

If we know this and then look upon the appearance of atheism, upon the complete denial of the Divine, we shall find the reason for this atheism. Only those human beings, my dear friends — naturally, we need the methods of spiritual science in order to recognize this — only those human beings are atheists in whose organism something is organically disturbed. To be sure, this may lie in very delicate structural conditions, but it is a fact that atheism is in reality a disease.
This is the first thing we have to hold fast: atheism is a disease. For, if our organism is completely healthy, the harmonious functioning of its various members will bring it about that we ourselves sense our origin from the Divine — ex deo nascimur.
from The Mission of the Archangel Michael, IV: The Culture of the Mysteries and the Michael Impulse....

So, it seems that a true inability to accept the existence of the spirit, and a real belief that the world is the result of the random motion of some yet-undiscovered eternal particles, is itself the result of an unsuccessful random mutation! So, is is possible that Leakey's position is the result of an honest attempt to explain our origins. Many atheists are good people devoted to truth and progress, but with an unfortunate ailment that prevents them from accepting the existence of God. The TV character House is another example, although he has other reasons to be miserable.

I rejected religion for a while, and God with it, but I kept an open mind and eventually arrived at the sense which Steiner describes above - that we have a divine origin.  We descended from the spiritual world into the "physical" world, and now we're headed back into the spiritual world, which is precisely what the Devil hopes to prevent. One of the best defenses against his efforts is to think, but to keep one's thinking grounded in the "physical" world.

In keeping with my own advice, I have to revise my opinion on Darwinists to include a third category besides those who are unaware of its limitations, and those who are dedicated to evil and push Darwinism even though they know it's impossible. This third category consists of atheists who are genuinely INCAPABLE of believing in God, and making a good-faith effort to explain our origins.

NATO claims it doesn't know who died in its air strike

A provincial spokesman said a couple and their six children died in an air strike on Saturday in the village of Suri Khail, Gurda Saria district.
Nato says it is investigating the reports.
from Nato air strike 'kills Afghan family'

In other words, NATO dropped this bomb, supposedly without knowing whether it would kill others besides the supposed intended target. In fact, this was yet another deliberate act of NATO air-terror designed to create recruits for the Taliban, which were created by the British empire.

The claim that it's investigating the incident is just a line in their standard script for the aftermath of such incidents, intended to give the impression that they aren't intentional.  Has anyone ever been held accountable for one of these "accidents?"

Christopher Harris assault reeks of Satanism

This map shows the Belltown, Seattle, WA location of Christopher Harris' virtual murder, in relation to the Earth Grid. It indicates that it took place in a location that could have been predetermined by the Seattle police to be a good location for SRA, which is intended to elicit Satanic possession in the perpetrator (who is not told the truth, naturally), because of its proximity to ley lines, where etheric forces/beings, including Satanic beings, are concentrated.  For more on this subject, see Satanism and the Earth-Grid.

We have nothing with the outcast and the unfit: let them die in their misery. For they feel not. Compassion is the vice of kings: STAMP DOWN THE WRETCHED & THE WEAK: this is the law of the strong: this is our law and THE JOY OF THE WORLD....
ON THE LOW MEN TRAMPLE IN THE FIERCE LUST OF YOUR PRIDE, in the day of your wrath. Ye are against THE PEOPLE, O my chosen!
There is no law beyond Do what thou wilt. 
from The Book of the Law, by Aleister Crowley [emphasis added]
SEATTLE -  Chris Harris had been wrongly identified as a suspect, yet when he ran from police they were the last steps he ever took. Harris was slammed into a wall by a King County deputy. The blow caused severe damage to his brain and spinal cord.
"They took away the greatest person I ever met in my life," said Harris’s wife, Sarah.

The Sheriff’s Office was quick to defend the deputy. “Preliminary conclusion is that our deputy didn’t break any laws from his use of force,” said King County Sheriff's Office spokesman John Urquhart.
Prosecutors agreed. And even after King County paid out $10 million to settle a lawsuit, Sheriff Sue Rahr defended her deputy’s tactics.
“There was no evidence of misconduct on the part of Deputy Paul," she told us. 
from Frequent force by King County cop continues even after tragic case

Well, what do you expect them to say, now that their butts are in a sling? The prosecutor is part of the same King County gang. Note how these robots always avoid the question of morality and humanity, just as in the Daniel Chong, Amanda Knox, and gazillions of other such cases. Instead, they get out their legal microscopes and start splitting legal hairs. "Oh, it was just BARELY legal, and that's all that matters. Now stop asking these terrifying questions and go away before I have you not-tortured for the rest of your life. This is a battlefield in the global war on terror, you know."

Their super-ape screwed up and got caught in the act (on video yet), protecting and serving Satan, probably thinking he's just doing what Nietzschean superman have a duty to do to members of the slave-class, to further our Darwinian evolution. (Note that there are no insights into his mind to be found on the internet. It's a State Secret.)

But the TAXPAYERS evidently did something wrong, because they've been penalized to the tune of $10M, so far. (They have to pay for Paul's "non-mistake," but have to let him continue to prey on them.) It would be interesting to learn whether Deputy Paul got a cut of the settlement (via the Harris' attorney) just as I suspect Daniel Chong's torturers will get a cut of the loot from the lawsuit which was launched about a nanosecond after Chong was "discovered" nearly dead after being pointedly ignored for a few days by people he could hear outside his holding cell.

The claim that Paul didn't use excessive force is ludicrous, and would be ludicrous even if Christopher Harris had landed on foam rubber, instead of bashing his head against a brick wall. Harris, who was physically no match for Deputy Paul, had stopped running and was facing Paul in a nonthreatening manner when Paul deliberately slammed into him with such force that Harris' feet left the ground and he flew into a nearby brick wall, head first. All that Paul HAD to do to apprehend Harris was to cuff him and frisk him, taking whatever precautions to protect himself from getting stabbed (he  supposedly suspected Harris of being involved in a stabbing incident, although for all I know, that was just a pretext for assaulting Harris). So, by definition, he used excessive force, and it is an insult to our intelligence for his superiors to claim that he did not.

Deputy Paul's long history of excessive force from the start of his career, combined with the tacit approval of his superiors, reeks of a Satanist conspiracy. The DOJ is reportedly investigating, but I suppose the outcome depends on whether it will help Obama get re-elected. After all, it's ridiculous to think that Obama's DOJ would care about the rights of one person when Obama is trying to finish off the human race.

I have no way of knowing whether Deputy Paul is possessed, or in what manner, and therefore whether Paul's original spirit will be held accountable in the next world.  However, if he is still a human, and is held responsible, he will get to experience the effects he has had on Christopher Harris, no matter how fervently he believes or claims to believe Satan's lie known as Darwinism, or the ones that Nietzsche or Crowley scribbled, or the diabolical Paolo Sarpi's lies about "salvation by grace," as detailed here.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Shameless big "scientific" lie behind 50+ years of anti-nuclear hysteria (so far)

Image: scene from Mike Hammer: Kiss Me Deadly (1955), depicting supposed effects of exposure to nuclear material used in original nuclear bombs, obviously as part of the campaign, which began at about that time, to induce anti-nuclear hysteria.

[Hermann] Muller had tried to estimate cosmic-radiation-induced mutation rates back in 1930, and he did this using a linear model. And his predictions were off by 1,300-fold! So he couldn’t go further on it, but he never abandoned his flirtation with it. That should have told him that he was wrong, but it didn’t.
What Muller and his band of radiation geneticists did was to scare everybody, from the press to politicians to the general public, and in a way it became a wildfire, and ultimately it spread to all chemicals and then regulation, and ultimately a mindset that has affected the entire world. AND THE INTERESTING THING IS THAT AFTER THE ATOMIC BOMB WAS DROPPED, ONE THING THAT WAS NOT OBSERVED IN JAPAN WAS A SIGNIFICANT INCREASE IN BIRTH DEFECTS. And that is amazingly ironic.  [emphasis added]
from How a ‘Big Lie’ Launched The LNT Myth and The Great Fear of Radiation

On a related note, I just looked into whether there are any documented cases of radiation sickness as a result of the Fukushima Daiichi situation, which is about the worst case scenario for a nuclear plant, and was unable to find any.  So I suppose the anti-nuclear-power crusaders are going to tell us that the real danger is that someone might nuke a nuclear power plant.

"Apocalypse"-mongers jump on IAEA's "alarming discovery"

International atomic inspectors in Iran have detected traces of uranium enriched to levels of purity higher than the Iranians have previously disclosed, according to a new report on Tehran's nuclear program made public on Friday.
from U.N. finds uranium in Iran enriched to higher level

Well, how convenient.  Perhaps Iran should start inspecting the inspectors for traces of highly-enriched uranium before they start their "inspections," which I suspect consist of planting "evidence" and then "finding" it.

The IAEA apparently thinks we're so stupid that we'll conclude that Iran doesn't have the ability to detect or clean up its top-secret highly-enriched uranium, and that the IAEA just happens to get lucky and find some almost every time it visits Iran.

Obama, craven bankers' lackey

The Dodd-Frank Act, a law passed to prevent the passage of Glass-Steagall and other necessary reforms, is now being used openly to protect the derivatives market! Earlier this week, the Financial Stability Oversight Council (FSOC) designated two giant derivatives exchanges as "systemically important financial institutions" (SIFIs)....
from Obama Administration Acts To Protect Derivatives Market

In essence, we're being told that the economy can't function without the banks that are destroying the economy.

How's the Chong-torture "investigation" going?

As far as I can tell, there is no news about the supposed investigation into Daniel Chong's "accidental" torture.  So, either "investigation" is a code-word for "cover-up" (most likely), the DEA's investigators are a bunch of morons (again raising the question of why it's being allowed to "investigate" itself), or the government and media just don't think it's important to assure  the citizens of "the free world" that it won't happen again.  If we're going to shell out $20,000,000 to Chong, his lawyers, and perhaps his torturers, I think we have a right to some answers.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Media flaunts Mignini's immunity from real justice

During my periodic perusal of news for some semblance of Earthly justice for Giuliano Mignini, the Monster of Perugia (which considering his apparent lack of soul, might be the only opportunity to bring him to justice), I found that the latest news is from 5/1/2012, i.e. 11, a.k.a. May Day (>39 30>69>666), which I had seen before. The big news, as indicated by the attached image, was that Mignini & Coven are supposedly being investigated over the cost of bringing one of their big lies about Knox and Sollecito to life in the form of a video.

In a nutshell, this "investigation" was actually intended to wave Mignini's Satanism under our noses again, and mock our obliviousness to it. Note all of the "Satanic codes" in the attached image: CBS>24>6; 240K>6 11; and 150,000>6.  Combined, they convert to 666 11.

The "investigation" has evidently gone nowhere in the last three weeks. It should be obvious to anyone with half a brain that there really is no investigation, and no need for an investigation. It's been obvious from the moment that the video appeared that it's a pathetic attempt to sell a monstrous lie, that Mignini belongs in prison and should be excommunicated for being a Satanist (but then a large part of the "Catholic" clergy, etc. would have to be excommunicated too), and that the Italian government owes Knox and Sollecito an apology and a fortune.  But under the present demon-haunted world order, that's not going to happen. Furthermore, reminding us of the lack of real justice in this case is itself intended to torment Knox and her supporters.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Time for more "Islamic" terrorism in Argentina?

During a bilateral meeting May 18 with Angolan President Jose Eduardo dos Santos, Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner made incisive remarks about the insanity of the current, collapsing global financial system, which is based on the idea that money is worth something. Her words for sure didn't escape the attention of the City of London.
from Argentine President Fernandez: "Money in Itself" Is Worthless
July 18, 1994 [6 9 23, i.e. 6 9 666 11], Buenos Aires, Argentina's largest Jewish organization, the Argentine-Israeli Mutual Association, is car-bombed, killing over 100 and wounding 344.
from Afghansi terrorism around the world

This terrorist attack was probably actually the work of the British SAS or some related group, in response to Argentina's "uppityness." (Note that the culprits have not been identified to this day, just as the perfect condition of the "magic bullet" [33 72, i.e. 6 9 - perhaps it was a Magick bullet] has yet to be satisfactorily explained.) So, considering Argentina's ongoing "uppityness," don't be surprised if there are any new "Islamic" terrorist incidents there.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Former British PM Blair advising Obama on election strategy!

British Monarchy hatchetman Tony Blair, the outspoken champion of eliminating national sovereignty and the Westphalian System, and who, according to his own cabinet officials, lied to force through the Iraq War, is running Barack Obama’s re-election campaign.
from Tony Blair Running Obama's Re-election Campaign

So you thought I was exaggerating to claim that Obama is a foreign agent of an enemy power?  How much more blatant could the British empire get, than to put one of their top agents in charge of keeping Obama in the Oval Office?

I can't help but wonder whether Blair had something to do with the recent underwear-bomb scare which has reportedly caused the TSA to begin training its agents in crotch-grabbing. (NAMBLA's membership is probably lining up to work for the TSA.) Before long, the TSA is also going to have to perform surgery on each would-be passenger, since Al Qaeda's supposedly starting to plant bombs inside people. Am I the only one who thinks the "war on terror" is only making things worse?  Mission accomplished!

Reflections on The Shaping of Psychiatry by War

Before The Shaping of Psychiatry by War by John Rawlings Rees was available on-line (such as here), I went through quite a bit of trouble to obtain a copy, and was disappointed because it doesn't give any indication of Rees' diabolical agenda, and it's so bland and robotic. However, it recently occurred to me that its actual purpose was to serve as a smokescreen, to "explain" what Rees and his cohorts were doing, and to convince us that it's too boring to investigate.

With this in mind, I decided to see if it had become available online, and was "delighted" to find that it had (yawn). Somewhere in this process, it occurred to me that the odd title might be intended to be understood by converting it to its numerical equivalent, so I did. Lo and behold, it seems to be the case, because it converts to 33 74 21 144 27 42, i.e. 6 11 3 9 6, which with little massaging becomes 666 11, the numbers of the Devil and black magic, respectively, which are behind the 8th Sphere agenda (go here, scroll down to section on the 8th Sphere agenda), which Rees served.

I also stumbled onto something that reminded me of a page of quotations by those behind the mental health establishment, and although most of the quotes aren't related to the purely evil agenda at its core, I found that Dirty Bertie had spilled the beans at the outset:
"Education should aim at destroying free will [Orwell's "obliteration of the self"] so that after pupils are thus schooled they will be incapable throughout the rest of their lives of thinking or acting otherwise than as their school masters would have wished.... The social psychologist of the future will have a number of classes of school children on whom they will try different methods of producing an unshakable conviction that snow is black.... When the technique has been perfected, every government that has been in charge of education for more than one generation will be able to control its subjects securely without the need of armies or policemen."
                                                          Bertrand Russell,  quoting Johann Gottlieb Fichte [whom LaRouche classifies as a Romantic, which to me means someone working to sabotage consciousness-evolution], the head of philosophy & psychology who influenced Hegel and others – Prussian University in Berlin, 1810

Evidence of British terrorist-controllers behind "Islamic terrorism"

The two British operatives, arrested by Basra police and later freed by a British military operation, were identified by the BBC as "members of the SAS elite special forces." They were disguised by wigs and Arab dress. Iraqi sources reported that the Iraqi police were watching the two, and when they tried to approach them they shot two policemen and tried to escape the scene. The Iraqi police chased and captured them, to discover large amount of explosives planted in the car, which apparently was planned to be remotely detonated in the busy market of Basra. 
from British Terrorism in Iraq
On the eve of the first of six scheduled French nuclear weapons tests in the South Pacific atoll of Mururoa in September, Greenpeace, an offshoot of Prince Philip's World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), carried out a series of violent protests. A Greenpeace team somehow managed to penetrate the highly militarized nuclear test zone. French authorities revealed that the team was led by two highly trained retired professionals from the British Army's Special Air Services (SAS), its elite paratrooper and commando arm. "They are people used to operations which have nothing to do with ecology," commented the French Security Services commander on the scene.
from The SAS: Prince Philip's manager of terrorism

The above-referenced articles support my claims regarding the true nature of the "war on terrorism," as presented in my recent posts about the situation in Yemen. (Note how this "war" is essentially declared to be over in a particular area once that area and its inhabitants have been devastated, even when, as in Iraq, Al Qaeda still uses it as a base of operations.) The SAS operatives captured in the incident in Iraq are the "Islamic terrorism controllers," who create "Islamic terrorists" to commit certain terrorist acts such as suicide bombings, and commit terrorism themselves (typically the worst of it, which they can't leave to amateurs).  The 9/11 terrorism is a prime example of this - the professionals planted the demolition charges in the WTC, and their "Islamic terrorist" patsies put on a show, with financial backing from certain members of the British-aligned Saudi elite to give the impression that the airliners brought the buildings down.

British secret agent President X's mission: to destroy civilization

It just so happens that yesterday was the anniversary of the destruction of Joplin, Missouri, and the anniversary of Obama's visit to Great Britain to dance for his queen and get the ultimate "narcissistic supply" of being welcomed into the fold of the British elite. The fact that Obama has done nothing to help Joplin recover (not even to help them replace their hospital during the "global war on terrorism"), while doing everything in his power to divert money from the real economy into bottomless pits of bankers' gambling debts, is prima facie evidence that he is out to destroy civilization.  Everywhere you look, he is doing everything in his power to destroy civilization and to preserve the British empire.  He's actually not a traitor, because he'd have to be an American to be a traitor.  It's more accurate to say that he's a foreign agent of an enemy power, who seemingly appeared out of nowhere because his real tracks have been thoroughly covered and an "intelligence legend" has been built around him.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

"The market" is free - to enslave us

President Obama and France's President Hollande joined the chorus demanding European banks be "recapitalized;" that is, printing "unimaginable amounts of money" London is demanding to bail them out.
from So, You Think You Still Have "Your Money"?

What in the Constitution requires us to cover the gambling debts of private banks?  Is there a provision which requires us to cover their gambling losses in Vegas?  If not, why not?  Gambling is gambling, whether on some financial technicality, cards, or some sporting event.

Monday, May 21, 2012

More British imperial terrorism, or the last throes of May, 2012

SANA, Yemen — A suicide bomber targeted soldiers rehearsing Monday for a military parade here, killing as many as 112 people and signaling that Islamic extremists may be shifting their focus to Yemen's capital after weeks of intense battles in outlying provinces with U.S.-backed government forces.
Al Qaeda affiliate Ansar al Sharia claimed responsibility for the bombing in retaliation for American-assisted government offensives against its strongholds in southern Yemen. Unnerved by increased U.S. military and drone strikes, the militants struck directly at the heart of the new and fragile government of President Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi.
from Suicide bomber kills up to 112 in Sana, Yemen

If you think about this a bit, you'll realize that either Ansar al Sharia is insane for committing such an act and taking credit for it, or that those behind the bombing intend to fan the flames of the conflict, which is indeed the actual motive for this monstrous crime. It comes straight from Obama's British masters, and Obama knows it. In fact, it's nothing compared to what he is trying to accomplish by provoking a war with Russia.

As I showed in the previous entry, the actual conflict is between Mammon's British empire and the human race.  His minions divide themselves up into two apparently warring factions, but they don't attack each other.  Instead, each of these Mammonic factions attack humans (including those in the military) who are associated with their "opposite" Mammonic faction in the fantasy-version of the conflict. Put another way, they attack human proxies for each other, using some convoluted, amoral excuse. (Suicide bombers are themselves human victims, who are either "brainwashed" or forced into it, such as to protect their families.) But they never, ever attack each other.  Never will one variety of British imperial terrorist attack another variety of British imperial terrorist.  If it appears that they have, then you have to dig deeper.

In this case, the two Mammonic factions are the Yemeni government and its Anglo-American "allies" (overlords) on one hand, and the British-Saudi terrorist controllers behind Al Qaeda and Ansar al Sharia on the other. The humans are the population of Yemen, part of which has been driven into the arms of Ansar al Sharia, and part of which has not, and is therefore loyal to the government.

So, I can say with certainty that tentacles of the British empire were behind this suicide bombing, and chances are that tentacles on "both sides" were involved: the terrorist controllers who provided the suicide bomber, and the government officials who allowed the bomber to get through security.

Jeremy Scahill on the "war on terror" in Yemen: The Devil's in the details, as usual

So I was told by one well-known Yemeni security analyst that the vast majority of Ansar al-Sharia are angry tribesmen, not AQAP [Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, of which Yemen occupies the SW portion], and that they're operating out of revenge and they're operating out of a sense that the state is done and that they need to build one in their own vision of Islamic Sharia law, which can bring order in chaos. That's, essentially, their selling point. We'll give you bread. We'll give you electricity, and we'll give you law and order.
I think that we're encouraging the very threats that we claim to be fighting, because WE'RE GIVING PEOPLE LEGITIMATE AGENDA OR REASON - MOTIVATION - TO FIGHT THE UNITED STATES. When people have the perception that they are under attack they bond together and I think that that's what we are doing right now.
I am stunned by the number of people that I know within both the special operations community and the intelligence community who are saying I think that our policy is failing in Yemen. [Actually, it's succeeding.]
GROSS: Who is creating the policy in Yemen? Is that coming directly from the White House or the CIA, the military? Like who?
SCAHILL: You know, I think - I mean the honest answer is I don't know, but my best sense from the reporting that I've done and the analysis that I've heard from people within government and military, is that John Brennan is the chief driver of U.S. policy toward Yemen. [He is also a key proponent of "enhanced interrogation."] Of course, he, when he was in the CIA, was in Saudi Arabia [which was involved in the 9/11 attacks]. He spent a tremendous amount of time working on Saudi and Yemeni issues in the intelligence community and in government. [In other words, Brennan is a US terrorism controller, working with terrorism controllers "on the other side." He makes a public appearance now and then to give his image a fresh coat of whitewash.]
from Why The U.S. Is Aggressively Targeting Yemen

Jeremy Scahill, one of the few reporters who has spent time investigating the situation in Yemen, was interviewed on May 17th, 2012 on NPR's Fresh Air program.  I read over the transcript, and soon realized that the situation in Yemen, as I suspected, is more of the same old "war on terror" - i.e. the Satanist faction of the US provoking Yemeni civilians into opposing Yemen's British-puppet government, declaring them to be "Al Qaeda militants," attacking them, and thus continuing the cycle of violence which ends only when the country is reduced to rubble.

Also as I indicated in a recent post on the situation there, the "underwear bomb plot" was evidently choreographed by British intelligence in order to "justify" the sudden increase in activity there, which is actually just timed to give a new batch of budding "wizards" the opportunity to go on an advanced-SRA spree at a time and in a location most likely to "give them magical powers," i.e. give their souls TO "magical powers."

Another purpose of this front in the "war on terror" is to demolish the economy there, and to prevent the construction of the colossal Bridge of the Horns (which some think is a fantasy, although LPAC evidently considers it to be feasible), which is just coincidentally a section of the Eurasian Land-Bridge, the basis for a real global economic recovery. Perhaps it's feasible, and perhaps it was planned in order to be prevented only by the "war on terror," as a hint that the "war on terror" is partly a war on the Eurasian Land-Bridge.

Below, I summarize and interpret portions of the interview:

A) Drone strikes have been killing many civilians, provoking them to join a Taliban-like group (probably run by Saudi intelligence, which is a front for British intelligence and which according to Scahill provides intelligence on Yemen to the US, meaning that the British are running the conflict in Yemen), which has appeared in their midst, interestingly since the US planted "trainers" in Yemen to supposedly train Yemeni forces to fight terrorism. I surmise that this was part of setting the stage for the planned "war."


D) The U.S. created a "counterterrorism" unit in Yemen made up of Yemeni soldiers.  (The "counter" in "counterterrorism" is to be understood by converting it to its numerical equivalent, i.e. 96, i.e. 666.) But this "counterterrorism" unit ended up waging terrorism on the population at the behest of the British-puppet government, not attacking Al Qaeda. It's the same old story: "misdirected" terror vs. "misdirected" terror, where innocents are crushed between "two sides" who are supposedly fighting each other. This is part of what caused many Yemenis, backed into a corner, to align themselves with the Taliban-like "terrorist" organization run by British-Saudi intelligence, against the British-puppet government.

E)  There's a fairly long section on a US cruise missile attack which killed about 50 civilians, and which the US tried to portray as a Yemeni attack. This attack marked the beginning of a three-year outbreak of violence involving the US-trained Yemeni "counter-terrorist" forces, the main victims of which were Yemeni civilians who had been provoked into joining the aforementioned Taliban-like organization.  This has been thoroughly exposed, yet there has been no investigation by British robot Nerobama, or Congress, and those responsible have of course not been held responsible.  Just as in the Daniel Chong incident, their script-writers dictate "reality," and their responses to it. It's not in the script, so it's as if it never happened. So, this US massacre remains the fault of Yemen's government, and the deliberate torture of Daniel Chong remains an "accident" caused by "poorly designed procedures."

F) The government of Yemen, which was ostensibly at war with terrorists, at times assisted terrorists in order to receive more anti-terrorist funding from the US. My take on this is that it's one of the ways this "war" is being choreographed to keep it going.

Obama's economic plan unfolds in Yemen

A suicide bomber dressed in a Yemeni military uniform detonated himself during rehearsal for a parade on Monday in the capital city of Sanaa. As many as 96 people are reported dead and scores more wounded.
from Suicide bomber kills scores in Yemen as government pursues Al Qaeda group 

Congratulations to Barack and his queen - your war on civilization by means of terror, currently concentrated in Yemen for the summer advanced-SRA season, is going just swimmingly, just as it did in Iraq, from where "Al Qaeda" now works with the US to unleash terror in Syria. Where there was going to be a great bridge, there is now chaos, which is cheaper and more sustainable.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Nerobama uses EO to conceal reality in Yemen

WASHINGTON (CN) - President Barack Obama ordered the Secretary of the Treasury to block all property under U.S. jurisdiction belonging to people that the Secretary of State determines threaten the peace, security or stability of Yemen.
from Threatening Yemen's Stability Brings Sanctions

Once again proving that Obama is a pathological liar, and that LaRouche's "Nero complex" diagnosis of Obama is correct. He's a puppet of Mammon's British empire, which has made him believe that he's part of the British elite, to manipulate him via his narcissistic need for adulation, especially from those "at the top," but also from the media, rigged audiences, and "flash mobs" for his "extemporaneous" public appearances. He is out to destroy Yemen, as part of the war on civilization known as the "war on terror," and he's trying to cover up what's really going on there, partly by imprisoning reporters, and now threatening them with this Nero-like EO. (Jeremy Scahill is the main source of information on the reality in Yemen.) He created "terrorists" by attacking innocent people with drones.  Then followed the assaults by Yemen's military, probably with embedded Satanists out for a little of the old "ultra violence." This vicious cycle will continue until Yemen has been reduced to rubble, like Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and a few Syrian cities. Until recently, there were apparently plans to build a mind-boggling bridge costing tens of billions of dollars between Yemen and Africa, which would lead to an economic boom. The British empire has pretty much declared war on Russia by its actions in Syria, while using words as smokescreens to prevent Americans from recognizing the reality.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Congress passes another SRA-enabling bill

The House on Friday passed a defense bill that adds $8 billion for the military next year and approves indefinite detention for terror suspects, even if they are American citizens captured on U.S. soil.
from House OKs Indefinite Detention of Terror Suspects

Why pass this law AFTER TEN YEARS OF THE "WAR ON TERROR," when it's winding down?  Isn't this an admission that not only has "the war on terror" not eradicated terrorism, but that is was never intended to do so?

In fact, it was a war on civilization and mankind (as well as advanced Satanism on a vast scale, to create a fresh batch of pod people with which Satan can continue to impose his anti-human will on the planet). Now, the "war on terror" cover story for this war on civilization has morphed into a "war on 'oppressive governments,'" in which NATO black-ops terrorists are working side-by-side with our original "enemy," Al Qaeda, and eventually, the cover stores will just evaporate along with civilization once Obama triggers a nuclear war with Russia.  But at least he's the coolest ever "President," right out of Esquire, GQ, and possibly "Hell."

Friday, May 18, 2012

Why was Obama-born-in-Kenya "error" left for 16 years? (Rev B)

According to, a website that caches websites on a regular basis, the website – the official website for Dystel & Goderich, Obama’s literary agents – was using the Barack Obama “born in Kenya” language until April 2007, just two months after then-Senator Obama declared his campaign for the presidency.
from Breaking: Drudge Leading Story: Obama Born In Kenya 

The statement that Obama was born in Kenya was supposedly written by an "agency assistant," despite the publisher's policy that the mini-bio be written by the subject of the mini-bio.  But Obama no doubt at least reviewed the mini-bio, and would have corrected such a glaring error, if it were indeed an error. It's not as if this is the only evidence that he was born in Kenya.

If we can get rid of Obama on this basis, instead of on his insanity and treason, then fine.  Either he goes soon, or most of the human race goes soon. It can't wait for the election, because Obama might decide to take mankind down with him while he still can.  He is so megalomaniacal that he would kill us all to defend his ego.

Rev B: Eliminated speculation that Obama would have been the one to correct the "error," because others could have recognized the problem and "corrected" it.  However, one African-American who commented on this issue made the point that Obama might have mentioned his Kenyan birth as a feather in his ego, since it would mean he is more "racially pure." So, this makes it more likely that Obama wrote the mini-bio.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Trayvon Martin case: beware of potentially fabricated evidence

As I peruse the latest news in the Trayvon Martin case, I have to wonder where all of this supposed evidence has been all of this time. Some of it directly contradicts evidence presented earlier. The emphasis being placed on the presence of THC in Martin's blood seems to imply that it proves something significant.  (Note that, as mentioned in this previous entry, that DEA spokes-humanoid Amy Roderick insinuated that Daniel Chong bears some of the responsibility for his torture, on the basis that he admitted to getting high at the house where the supposed raid took place.)

An opinion piece by Fox News also raised my suspicions because of its glaring bias, such as that contained in this passage:
Anyway, it appears that Zimmerman didn’t even question Martin. The 911 tape of Zimmerman reporting a strange person in the area indicates that Zimmerman didn’t even try to ask Martin a question.

When the police operator told Zimmerman “we don’t need you to do that [following Martin],” Zimmerman appears to have stopped following Martin and agreed to go to where the police would be arriving. 
The notion that Zimmerman didn't follow Martin is patently absurd, based on all of the evidence we've heard up to this point. So, something smells fishy, and I hope that Martin's family will go over the new supposed evidence with a fine-toothed comb, while keeping in mind that it might have been fabricated and dumped on us all at once after we've had a while to forget the initial evidence.

DEA's Satanist faction exposes itself again, with "Nissour Square"-type massacre

According to the Honduran newspaper, Tiempo, as well as the Honduran human rights group, COFADEH, the agents of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), dressed in military uniforms, killed at least four and possibly six civilians in a raid which took place on Friday, May 11.
Apparently, the DEA agents fired from helicopter gunships upon a boat carrying civilians on the Patuca back to their community of Ahuas which itself is located in the Mosquito coast of Honduras. According to Tiempo, the DEA mistakenly fired upon the civilian boat because it was well-lit while the intended target -- a boat carrying drug traffickers -- was floating down the river without its lights on.
This doctrine [a U.S. "security" policy which clearly served as cover for Satanism], according to COFADEH [a Honduran human-rights group], "included a systematic and selective form of human rights violations. The most emblematic violations were torture, murders and enforced disappearances" of the type which the U.S. had sponsored in the Southern Cone of South America in the 1970s.

This was no accident. Note that the "DEA agents" were wearing military uniforms, and I assume they were Honduran uniforms, just as I suspect that Satanists are flown into Afghanistan and disguised as Special Forces soldiers for those seemingly insane night raids.

Sounds like they need San Diego DEA spokes-witch Amy Roderick to hypnotize us into believing that it was just another DEA screw-up.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Jesuit theologian defends Darwinism (revised)

In his acclaimed book God After Darwin, John Haught argued that religious belief is wholly compatible with evolutionary biology.... Deeper Than Darwin takes up where God After Darwin left off, arguing that Darwin's vision is important and essentially correct but that we can still dig deeper in our understanding of what is going on in the life-story.
from description of Deeper Than Darwin by John Haught, Roman Catholic (Jesuit) theologian at Georgetown University
Haught believes Darwin is “a gift to theology.” He says evolutionary biology has forced modern theologians to clarify their thinking by rejecting outdated arguments about God as an intrusive designer. Haught reclaims the theology of his intellectual hero, Jesuit priest and paleontologist Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, who died more than half a century ago. Teilhard believed that we live in a universe evolving toward ever greater complexity and, ultimately, to consciousness.
from The atheist delusion
Chardin was involved in the Piltdown man hoax, in which, the bones of an ape and a recently dead man were stained, spliced together, and passed off as "ape man." While he pretended to offer a scientific Christian alternative to Darwinian "materialism," he was neither Christian nor scientific, nor essentially different from Darwin.
from The Society of Jesus: Evil Heirs of Aristotle

Why I do not know, but I got an urge out of the blue to look for any connection between contemporary Jesuits and Darwinism, and it took me a couple of seconds with Google to hit pay dirt, as indicated by the top two excerpts above.

Darwinism is not a scientific theory - it is an approximately 150 year-old disinformation campaign, as Jesuit Chardin's Piltdown hoax demonstrates.  Not even Darwin believed in "Darwinism," which is just a bunch of BS with his name attached. (I don't think it's a coincidence that "Darwin" converts to 69, and "Darwinism" to 110, which are intimately related to two of Satanism's "magical" numbers: 666, the number of the Devil, and 11, the number of black magic, which he "inspires."  However, Satanism only PRETENDS to be black magic to "justify" SRA to its recruits.) It is really a sad comment on our educational system that a so-called theologian at a supposedly Catholic university can peddle such swill, which is the "scientific" basis for the beliefs, attitudes and behavior which constitute Satanism.

The Jesuits were created by the Venetian empire as a means of subverting the Catholic church, and Venice launched the war against our consciousness-evolution in earnest. (Aristotle actually started the war against consciousness-evolution at the dawn of the intellectual-soul era, which Plato exemplified, but not so virulently as Venice did at the dawn of the consciousness-soul era.) Venice was also the midwife of the birth of Satanism.  (A brief internet search turned up a reference to Jesuits taking part in torture as part of the Inquisition.) So, it makes sense that someone like Haught would be found defending the "basis" for the modern Satanist movement from some ivory tower.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Our military's de facto rape program

Now, in yet another example of how the military repays their time in the meat grinder, a number of women have come forward to say they were discharged for “personality disorders,” – which means no healthcare, no disability benefits — after they filed sexual assault charges with the chain of command against fellow servicemen.
from The Rape of Our Military Women

More evidence that our military is run by organized Satanism - read The Shaping of the Anglo-American SS by War to see how it took over, by establishing Special Forces as the "shadow" command structure of our entire military.  It's the one that runs all of the evil programs in the military, but always in the shadows of some other organization, such as the overt command structure, the CIA, or the good guys in Special Forces, such as Pat Tillman (Satanism never allows itself to be associated with an identifiable organization, so although it's concentrated in Special Forces, it's not the entirety of Special Forces). Systematic rape and cover-up is just another one of their programs for creating magical Nietzschean super-apes. Raping female soldiers combines a few key factors in cultivating possession, mainly cruelty toward someone who doesn't deserve it, and sexual pleasure. It also typically goes a long way to destroying the woman psychologically, and after all, "the obliteration of the self," as Orwell put it, is the top-level agenda of organized Satanism.

Monday, May 14, 2012

The definition of "militant"

America’s Third War is escalating quickly in the skies over Yemen. Despite previous rebuffs from the White House, last month the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) and the CIA—which both run parallel drone campaigns in Yemen—were granted broad authority to conduct “signature strikes” against anonymous suspected militants, who are determined to support al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) based on the observed “patterns of suspicious behavior” from multiple intelligence sources.
A senior Obama administration official described the enlarged scope of targets as “broadening the aperture” for JSOC and CIA drones. By one estimate, there have been more drone strikes in the past month (seventeen, including two on Saturday) than in the preceding nine years, since the first strike on November 3, 2002. Meanwhile, there have been between ten and fifty other U.S. attacks on militants in Yemen using manned aircraft or naval platforms.
from Escalating America’s Third War in Yemen 
The CIA is seeking authority to expand its covert drone campaign in Yemen by launching strikes against terrorism suspects even when it does not know the identities of those who could be killed, U.S. officials said.
Securing permission to use these “signature strikes” would allow the agency to hit targets based solely on intelligence indicating patterns of suspicious behavior, such as imagery showing militants gathering at known al-Qaeda compounds or unloading explosives.
Violence in Yemen has repeatedly erupted between government and opposition forces, as well as between the government and al-Qaeda.
The practice has been a core element of the CIA’s drone program in Pakistan for several years. CIA Director David H. Petraeus has requested permission to use the tactic against the al-Qaeda affiliate in Yemen, which has emerged as the most pressing terrorism threat to the United States, officials said.
from CIA seeks new authority to expand Yemen drone campaign

In other words, when we hear that a certain number of "militants" were killed in a drone strike, we really don't know anything about it. The US government has killed and imprisoned those who reported or were preparing to report the truth about these strikes, as mentioned in my previous entry.  What little accurate reporting has been made available supports my contention that these strikes are intended as terrorism.

What's actually going on in Yemen?

Image: The British empire's vision of stability and sustainability

Yemeni officials say at least 16 militants and 12 government soldiers were killed Sunday as troops backed by warplanes and heavy artillery launched a major offensive to retake the al-Qaida-held southern city of Zinjibar.
from 28 Dead as Yemen Launches Anti-Qaida Assault
The Bridge of the Horns is a proposed construction project to build a bridge between the coasts of Djibouti and Yemen across the Bab-el-Mandeb, the strait between the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden. 
from Bridge of the Horns
Two major developments to unfold in the coming years signal Africa's growing strategic importance, especially the Horn of Africa (HoA). As of October 1, the African continent came under the auspices of a newly created U.S. military command, AFRICOM, establishing one staff responsible for affairs with the 53 African states ( The second development, POTENTIALLY FAR MORE TROUBLING [to the British empire], is the newly announced project to build the world's longest bridge—17 miles connecting Yemen and Djibouti—under Tarek bin Laden's Middle East Development LLC.
The proposed construction of a bridge connecting Yemen and Djibouti, however, is likely to threaten the ongoing U.S. mission in Africa [to depopulate the continent].
from Proposed Yemen-Djibouti Bridge Threatens AFRICOM Security
A Yemeni journalist is continuing in jail in his country, after direct intervention by Obama to the Yemen government, in order to continue the cover-up of U.S. conduct of two December 2009 drone attacks, which killed 35 persons (14 women and 21 children), otherwise were deliberately mis-attributed to the Yemen government. Details of this cover-up and Obama's exact involvement were given this week by The Nation's national security correspondent, Jeremy Scahill, in a March 13 article. The jailed journalist is Abdulelah Haider Shaye. The specific offense meriting Obama's action, was that Abdulelah Haider Shaye investigated the December 11, 2009, attack on the village of al Majala in Abyan province in southern Yemen.
from Yemen Reporter Kept in Jail at Obama's Request, to Cover Up 2009 U.S. Drone Attack
MEED reported that the USD 20 billion Phase I of the planned Yemen Djibouti Causeway is delayed until the two governments sign the framework agreement.
Mr Mohammed Al Ahmed CEO of the project client, Dubai based Al Noor Holding Investment Company said that "In order for us to move forward with our project we need the government of Yemen and the government of Djibouti to sign a framework agreement."
Mr Al Ahmed said that we are waiting for them to sign it or ask to discuss it. The will give us the concession and the right to build the two cities and the bridge.
HE SAID THAT THE DELAY WAS DUE TO THE CRISIS IN YEMEN AND HE NOW EXPECTS THE AGREEMENT TO BE SIGNED SOON. [This was written two years ago.] The crossing will be the first bridge to link the Arabian Peninsula with the African continent. Denmark's Cowi has drawn up a preliminary design for the 28.5 kilometers bridge.
from Phase I of Yemen and Djibouti Causeway delayed

These news clips tell me that the "war on terror" in Yemen is just more of the same: a war on civilization and mankind, with US attacks designed to provoke people to volunteer at the local British-run Al Qaeda recruitment center, in order to create "militants" to "justify" more attacks.

The planned bridge project, which would have created an economic boom, seems to explain why Yemen is being targeted. This need to conceal this reality from the human race would explain why Obama has effectively declared the ONE reporter who told the truth about his drone strikes in Yemen to be an enemy combatant, and why he had him imprisoned, tormented, and tortured.  This is the true face of President Cool.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Chong incident "history" in the making (revised)

From April 21 to 25, nobody heard the screams and kicks from Daniel Chong, a UCSD engineering student, as he was dying in a 5-by-10 foot antechamber without anything to eat or drink. 
from College Students Stand up for the Bill of Rights
The San Diego DEA’s big dirty secret is this: they cost a lot of money but don't add value to the human enterprise.  DEA Agents are men and women with literally nothing to do of any real social utility… and they know it.
from The San Diego DEA’s Dirty Secret

Little is known about what happened in the Chong case, other than that he went through hell, but thanks to the first article referenced above, at least we now know that nobody heard him.  But I'm being facetious - the fact is that the claim that nobody heard him is illogical, since a negative can't be proven, although exceptions to this rule are routinely made when it comes to concealing Satanism. Besides, it's also impossible for nobody to have heard him, because he could hear people talking outside the room where he was locked, and they would have heard him yelling and pounding on the door, unless they were deaf, in which case they wouldn't have been talking. Since the false claim that nobody heard him is the key to the cover-up, it will be protected with the full might of the US establishment, mainly by "reminding" us of it from time to time, when not ignoring it.

The latter article referenced above supports my previous claim that the "war on drugs" is partly or largely an means for Darwinian/Nietzschean/Crowleyan super-apes (or super-accidents of random motion of eternal particles yet to be discovered) to abuse what Crowley called "the outcast and unfit," who I suppose are the ones most likely to turn to drugs for short-term pleasure.

Revision: Clarified first paragraph following excerpts.

Was Russian airliner crashed via remote control?

The pilot who flew the Russia-made Sukhoi Super Jet 100 violated height clearance requirements set for airplanes flying near obstacles like buildings, towers or mountains, a pilot says.
“I can’t help but wonder myself, why did the pilot ask to descend to 6,000 feet? That’s a violation of the minimum obstacle clearance altitude [MOCA]. In that location, the minimum clearance is around 11,000 feet,” pilot Ronny Rosnadi, who has flown over 33,000 hours, said Thursday as quoted by “I strongly believe the accident was caused by human error.”
from Sukhoi pilot ‘violated’ regulations

Note that all of the numbers in the above quote just so happen to be the result of multiplying Satanism's "magical" numbers by 1,000, and the rest of the article reeks of lame excuses. I suspect that the jet was under remote control at the time of the crash, although I don't know whether this airliner has this feature. (It would explain the televangelist's "prophecy" mentioned here.) It would be easy to fake a request to descend to 6,000 feet.

DEA mouthpiece might have let the cat out of the bag

After reading that DEA spokesperson (using the term "person" loosely) Amy Roderick tried to partially blame Daniel Chong for his torture (see this entry), on the basis that he admitted to smoking pot, it occurred to me that she might have inadvertently provided a peek into the mindset which could have set him up to be caught in a fake raid (see previously-referenced entry) and tortured because he's a "pothead," and thus someone who can be tortured with impunity. (Abusing people arrested on drug charges is common, but to really torture someone, they had to figure out a way to create plausible deniability that they had any control over it, and they chose to pretend that he was forgotten, which is obviously a lie.) Staging a fake raid to give the impression that he was forgotten in the confusion would be a piece of cake for organized Satanism.  Before they execute such an operation, they have everything planned in minute detail, including what hints to drop and who will drop them. They probably had been watching Chong for quite a while.

Obama, the actor

The political attack advert was posted online before Barack Obama had even left the White House for Hollywood.
His opponents pick on many things, but this was a good one: he was just too cool to be a good president.
"America elected the biggest celebrity in the world," the advert flashes up on screen.
from Obama's rebirth of cool

His trip to Hollywood was as much a visit to his fellow actors and entertainers, a distraction from reality in the land where so many fantasies are brought to life, and a means of re-inflating his colossal ego, as it was a means of winning an election which he might preempt with nuclear holocaust. He is whatever he has to be at any given moment to best serve the actual Queen, over there in Great Britain.  The other day, he was a movie star hobnobbing with his fellow movie stars; previously, a member of the British elite, recently, a member of the working class, with his sleeves rolled up and "mad as hell about Washington." Shortly after expressing his support for gay marriage and held a Hollywood fundraiser, he "pivoted to the economy" for what must be tenth time during his Presidency-act, as if another of his politically-correct economic plans is going to have any beneficial effect.  In private, when he's not acting, he reportedly enjoys watching video of people getting blown up by drones (see this article).

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Added article to Campaigner Unbound

Restoring Israel's Moral Purpose  has been added to The Campaigner Unbound website. Although it's a little late to restore Israel's moral purpose, as if it ever had any, this article provides some useful insights into its founding and into the progressive stream within Judaism, which is the one which Hitler targeted, while working with the "Apocalypse" faction disguised as Judaism to create what "Israel" has become. (That's why I say that "Israel" was a Nazi project.)

Check the revision history for other articles which have been added recently.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Chong "investigation" conclusion was announced before it started

Since Chong went public Tuesday with his survival story, the DEA has declined to explain what happened beyond acknowledging the mistake and issuing a public apology.
“This is still an ongoing investigation,” said Amy Roderick, the San Diego DEA field office spokeswoman. “At this time, we are not releasing any names. The matter is still under seal by order of the court.”
Defense attorneys say it is unusual for law enforcement agencies to put off presenting their case to prosecutors after a significant seizure of drugs and weapons.
“Is this a normal procedure? No,” said Michael Pancer, a San Diego defense lawyer who has been following the case. 
from Others nabbed by DEA not yet charged
The DEA didn’t seem to think this was a big deal, and in their original statement spokeswoman Amy Roderick deflected blame from the DEA by reminding everyone Chong brought this on himself by being “at the house, by his own admission, to get high with his friends.”
I didn’t realize smoking a joint is a capital crime, but the DEA seems to disagree.
from Pothead Left Unattended In Cell For Nearly Five Days

Putting aside the fact that the writer labeled Chong a "pothead," as if he's completely defined by the fact that he smoked pot, I do give him credit for picking up on a nuance in spokes-witch Roderick's incredibly callous statement which implies that Chong shares the blame for his torture. Perhaps she meant it as a form of SRA in the form of emotional abuse, i.e. adding insult to injury.

She claims that there's an "ongoing investigation," even though they've essentially already announced their conclusions, i.e. that their PROCEDURES are responsible for this "mistake," even though this incident was unique in the DEA's history, so their procedures are evidently good. No mention has been made of investigating whether procedures were deliberately ignored, or Chong's claims that his yelling and pounding were ignored.

Note that Roderick didn't identify which court has supposedly sealed this "ongoing investigation," or why. In reality, there probably really is no investigation, or any seal. If there were an investigation, it should have been over in a couple of days, and a few humanoids should have been arrested for torture. Besides, as mentioned above, they've already essentially announced their "conclusions."

Don't Americans have the right to know what happened?  Why would the outcome of an internal "investigation into procedures" have any bearing on Chong's lawsuit, which is essentially against US taxpayers, and not his torturers?

Something that occurred to me while reading the first article referenced above is that perhaps the entire bust was a fake intended as cover for torturing Chong. Perhaps they didn't actually recover anything or arrest anyone. Perhaps some of those at the house were part of the setup. Considering the obvious level of corruption and outright evil of this office, nothing would surprise me.

The only possibility is that Daniel Chong was deliberately tortured by Satanists who are now being protected by the entire "establishment." I suspect that the torturers will receive a share of the proceeds from the lawsuit, assuming that Obama doesn't destroy civilization before then. Neither the government nor the media is willing to even question the transparent lie about him being accidentally abandoned - for four or five days, during which those present would have had to deliberately ignore his attempts to get their attention.

Fundie leader "saw vision" of Russian airliner crash, also predicted anti-British leader's death

President Vladimir Putin’s ambition to revive Russia’s aerospace industry will hang on one question dominating the Sukhoi Superjet crash probe in Indonesia this week: pilot or plane?
from Putin's Aerospace Rebirth Ambition Hangs on SuperJet Crash Probe
As news hit international media on Thursday Morning that the wreckage of the Russian aircraft that mysteriously went missing mid-flight in Indonesia yesterday had been seen, a YouTube video has been released from T.B. Joshua, claiming he foresaw the calamity.
“I’m seeing breaking news. They are looking for something that missed but it carried people – a plane that carried people and it was lost,” the video shows T.B. Joshua of ‘The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations’ saying. Giving a more detailed appraisal, he continued, “There is a plane coming to Indonesia, a big one that will carry passengers. I see a crash. The color of the plane – I see blue… I’m seeing Wednesday. What will happen on Wednesday?”
T.B. Joshua is a household name across Africa for his predictions, miracles and charitable endeavors. He recently caused a stir with media reports of his prophecy of the demise of Malawian President Bingu wa Mutharika. “In April… WE SHOULD PRAY FOR AN AFRICAN HEAD OF STATE AGAINST THE SICKNESS THAT WILL TAKE LIFE – SUDDEN DEATH,”  Joshua told his congregation in February, stressing the event was close and specifying the president in question was from West Africa in a service just four days before Mutharika’s passing. [emphasis added]
from VIDEO: T.B. Joshua 'Predicted' The Russian Plane Crash
Dr Shana said Christianity should be a platform for people to repent not to die. TB Joshua is notorious for issuing death "prophecies", the latest being his announcement that an African president would die, which coincided with the death of Malawi president Professor Bingu wa Mutharika last month.
from Zimbabwe: Churches Rap TB Joshua
President Abdoulaye Wade in Senegal, for example, has initiated a program which not only covers the total consumption of grains, rice, manioc, milk, meat, etc., but which is also aimed at keeping the corn cribs full. President Bingu wa Mutharika of Malawi has likewise overridden the “laws of the free market,” and has issued coupons for seed, and is granting subsidies for fertilizers, so that a 283% increase in grain production can be achieved.
from Mobilization To Double Food Production Is in Full Swing!

This certainly smells fishy - a "Christian" Fundie televangelist, whose function is to paint Satan's "Apocalyptic" machinations as the fulfillment of prophecy leading to Heaven on Earth (thus prompting his followers to look forward to the destruction of civilization), with such an amazing ability to predict when those resisting Satan's program will die or suffer some major loss. Perhaps his fellow televangelists dislike his habit of waving his connections to British intelligence, i.e. organized Satanism, under our noses so often.

Syria gets bombed by "Al Qaeda," US blames bombing on Syria

Virtually anywhere else on the planet, such a bombing would create a wellspring of sympathy for the attacked nation. Today, in Syria, it was anything but, as Western officials issued the obligatory statements condemning the attacks, and spent most of their time condemning the regime.
from Western Officials Slam Syria After Deadly Bombing

This is exactly the sort of insanity I expected after hearing aboout these bombings. Can there be any doubt that "our" government is trying to start another war, and one which would include the use of nuclear weapons, i.e. "Armageddon?"

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Replacing conventional transportation paradigm faces major technical hurdles

After looking into the details of personal rapid transit, I've concluded that it's tough to find a practical and complete alternative to the existing system of vehicles under human control. SkyTran appears to be a hoax. Practical personal rapid transit (PRT) systems have been developed, and India is having one installed in one of its cities. The vehicles are battery-powered, and I suppose that discharged batteries can be swapped with charged batteries to minimize vehicle down-time.  One of the main advantages of this system is that once a vehicle starts moving, it won't stop until it reaches the destination, so it's very efficient.  But I suspect that it would have problems adapting to cold climates.

The main problem with maglev PRT seems to be the fact that the "bogies" (the parts which interface with the track) are not compatible with tight turns or track switching, because of the small clearances required between the track and the bogies to generate the required lifting, acceleration, and deceleration forces. If this could be overcome, I suppose it would have been by now, because a lot of mechanical engineers have been looking for solutions for a long time.  I thought they had found solutions, because SkyTran is being advertised as a proven solution, even though it's just a vague concept.

Meanwhile, engineers are designing conventional vehicles that will assist drivers by keeping the car in the middle of the lane, or applying the brakes to avoid a collision. These improvements will still require the driver to be in control at all times, or prepared to take control at any moment, although I suppose there will come a time when drivers will be able to drive while distracted or impaired, or doze off on long straight stretches of highway, without significant risk. Google has designed an autonomous vehicle which has proven to be very safe, but is required to have two people on board to drive it in traffic, in case something goes wrong.

The high cost of fuel is another major transportation issue, but it doesn't appear to be a technical one.  It appears to be partly intended to help bail out the financial system, and to reduce the use of our crumbling road system, which isn't being replaced because our great leaders don't expect us to be around much longer.