Wednesday, May 23, 2012

British secret agent President X's mission: to destroy civilization

It just so happens that yesterday was the anniversary of the destruction of Joplin, Missouri, and the anniversary of Obama's visit to Great Britain to dance for his queen and get the ultimate "narcissistic supply" of being welcomed into the fold of the British elite. The fact that Obama has done nothing to help Joplin recover (not even to help them replace their hospital during the "global war on terrorism"), while doing everything in his power to divert money from the real economy into bottomless pits of bankers' gambling debts, is prima facie evidence that he is out to destroy civilization.  Everywhere you look, he is doing everything in his power to destroy civilization and to preserve the British empire.  He's actually not a traitor, because he'd have to be an American to be a traitor.  It's more accurate to say that he's a foreign agent of an enemy power, who seemingly appeared out of nowhere because his real tracks have been thoroughly covered and an "intelligence legend" has been built around him.