Sunday, May 13, 2012

Chong incident "history" in the making (revised)

From April 21 to 25, nobody heard the screams and kicks from Daniel Chong, a UCSD engineering student, as he was dying in a 5-by-10 foot antechamber without anything to eat or drink. 
from College Students Stand up for the Bill of Rights
The San Diego DEA’s big dirty secret is this: they cost a lot of money but don't add value to the human enterprise.  DEA Agents are men and women with literally nothing to do of any real social utility… and they know it.
from The San Diego DEA’s Dirty Secret

Little is known about what happened in the Chong case, other than that he went through hell, but thanks to the first article referenced above, at least we now know that nobody heard him.  But I'm being facetious - the fact is that the claim that nobody heard him is illogical, since a negative can't be proven, although exceptions to this rule are routinely made when it comes to concealing Satanism. Besides, it's also impossible for nobody to have heard him, because he could hear people talking outside the room where he was locked, and they would have heard him yelling and pounding on the door, unless they were deaf, in which case they wouldn't have been talking. Since the false claim that nobody heard him is the key to the cover-up, it will be protected with the full might of the US establishment, mainly by "reminding" us of it from time to time, when not ignoring it.

The latter article referenced above supports my previous claim that the "war on drugs" is partly or largely an means for Darwinian/Nietzschean/Crowleyan super-apes (or super-accidents of random motion of eternal particles yet to be discovered) to abuse what Crowley called "the outcast and unfit," who I suppose are the ones most likely to turn to drugs for short-term pleasure.

Revision: Clarified first paragraph following excerpts.