Friday, May 11, 2012

Chong "investigation" conclusion was announced before it started

Since Chong went public Tuesday with his survival story, the DEA has declined to explain what happened beyond acknowledging the mistake and issuing a public apology.
“This is still an ongoing investigation,” said Amy Roderick, the San Diego DEA field office spokeswoman. “At this time, we are not releasing any names. The matter is still under seal by order of the court.”
Defense attorneys say it is unusual for law enforcement agencies to put off presenting their case to prosecutors after a significant seizure of drugs and weapons.
“Is this a normal procedure? No,” said Michael Pancer, a San Diego defense lawyer who has been following the case. 
from Others nabbed by DEA not yet charged
The DEA didn’t seem to think this was a big deal, and in their original statement spokeswoman Amy Roderick deflected blame from the DEA by reminding everyone Chong brought this on himself by being “at the house, by his own admission, to get high with his friends.”
I didn’t realize smoking a joint is a capital crime, but the DEA seems to disagree.
from Pothead Left Unattended In Cell For Nearly Five Days

Putting aside the fact that the writer labeled Chong a "pothead," as if he's completely defined by the fact that he smoked pot, I do give him credit for picking up on a nuance in spokes-witch Roderick's incredibly callous statement which implies that Chong shares the blame for his torture. Perhaps she meant it as a form of SRA in the form of emotional abuse, i.e. adding insult to injury.

She claims that there's an "ongoing investigation," even though they've essentially already announced their conclusions, i.e. that their PROCEDURES are responsible for this "mistake," even though this incident was unique in the DEA's history, so their procedures are evidently good. No mention has been made of investigating whether procedures were deliberately ignored, or Chong's claims that his yelling and pounding were ignored.

Note that Roderick didn't identify which court has supposedly sealed this "ongoing investigation," or why. In reality, there probably really is no investigation, or any seal. If there were an investigation, it should have been over in a couple of days, and a few humanoids should have been arrested for torture. Besides, as mentioned above, they've already essentially announced their "conclusions."

Don't Americans have the right to know what happened?  Why would the outcome of an internal "investigation into procedures" have any bearing on Chong's lawsuit, which is essentially against US taxpayers, and not his torturers?

Something that occurred to me while reading the first article referenced above is that perhaps the entire bust was a fake intended as cover for torturing Chong. Perhaps they didn't actually recover anything or arrest anyone. Perhaps some of those at the house were part of the setup. Considering the obvious level of corruption and outright evil of this office, nothing would surprise me.

The only possibility is that Daniel Chong was deliberately tortured by Satanists who are now being protected by the entire "establishment." I suspect that the torturers will receive a share of the proceeds from the lawsuit, assuming that Obama doesn't destroy civilization before then. Neither the government nor the media is willing to even question the transparent lie about him being accidentally abandoned - for four or five days, during which those present would have had to deliberately ignore his attempts to get their attention.