Monday, May 28, 2012

Christopher Harris incident: Was there really a stabbing?

The incident happened on May 10, 2009, outside the Cinerama Theatre in Belltown.
Later, with Harris still in a coma, KCSO spokesman John Urquhart explained the situation, saying that "sometimes bad things happen to good people."
The deputy "just came right at him full force and pushed him. The kid lifted off in the air and slammed" into the wall, said Cody, 44.
"I ran up because I didn't know who these guys were," (Ron) Cody said of the deputies, testifying that he thought they were bouncers because of their all-black dress. HE SAID THEY IDENTIFIED THEMSELVES AS OFFICERS AND TOLD CODY: "YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT HE DID." [In other words, they knew that they weren't obviously cops, or they wouldn't have felt that it was necessary to identify themselves as cops.]
from Christopher Harris Still Unable to Walk, Talk, or Eat on His Own....
They received a report of a disturbance at a convenience store at Second Avenue and Bell Street. They walked to the store, but a woman stopped them to report that a man had been beaten up and stabbed at the store. She volunteered to show the deputies where the suspect had gone. The deputies and the woman went to an alley between Second and Third avenues. At the alley, the woman pointed. "That's one of them right there," the Sheriff's Office says she told deputies. [Why would someone involved in a stabbing hang around in the vicinity?]
Back at the convenience store, deputies [supposedly] found blood but no stabbing victim.
Seattle police were investigating that incident, although police still had not identified any suspects or victims, Urquhart said.
Security tapes from the store showed that Harris was not involved, Urquhart said. [Perhaps they also do not show a stabbing. Were any images from the tapes put on the news in an attempt to identify those involved?]
from Deputies after wrong man in chase that ended with him seriously injured

The date (5/10/2009 or 5/10/09) of the incident is interesting because it converts to 6-11 or 6-9, and it was two days after the full Moon.

It is also interesting that it appears that the only evidence of a stabbing is what amounts to rumors.  The video tape of the supposed incident was entrusted with Sgt. John Urquhart, one of the people who would be most interested in hiding the fact that no stabbing actually occurred. It seems to me that if the stabbing actually occurred, and if those responsible were identified, they would have been paraded in the news to take some of the heat off the police.  But I can't find any indications that any victim was even identified.  Nor has the woman who supposedly pointed the police in Harris' direction ever been identified, even though she's probably on the surveillance video, if she actually exists and was in the store. So, perhaps the claim that a stabbing occurred was just a pretext for roughing someone up.