Saturday, May 19, 2012

Congress passes another SRA-enabling bill

The House on Friday passed a defense bill that adds $8 billion for the military next year and approves indefinite detention for terror suspects, even if they are American citizens captured on U.S. soil.
from House OKs Indefinite Detention of Terror Suspects

Why pass this law AFTER TEN YEARS OF THE "WAR ON TERROR," when it's winding down?  Isn't this an admission that not only has "the war on terror" not eradicated terrorism, but that is was never intended to do so?

In fact, it was a war on civilization and mankind (as well as advanced Satanism on a vast scale, to create a fresh batch of pod people with which Satan can continue to impose his anti-human will on the planet). Now, the "war on terror" cover story for this war on civilization has morphed into a "war on 'oppressive governments,'" in which NATO black-ops terrorists are working side-by-side with our original "enemy," Al Qaeda, and eventually, the cover stores will just evaporate along with civilization once Obama triggers a nuclear war with Russia.  But at least he's the coolest ever "President," right out of Esquire, GQ, and possibly "Hell."