Friday, May 4, 2012

Daniel Chong-incident coverup gets underway

SAN DIEGO (AP) — The case of a detained college student who was forgotten in a holding cell for more than four days suggests a breakdown in procedure and oversight within the Drug Enforcement Administration, a California federal lawmaker [Rep. Duncan Hunter - another of Mammon's representatives/puppets] said Thursday.
Hunter said he wants a full account of Chong's incarceration, the process currently in place for holding individuals suspected of unlawful activity and the steps that the DEA is taking to address this matter in its entirety.
"The situation involving Chong may in fact be an isolated incident," Hunter wrote. "Regardless, my concern is that this situation could also be a symptom of a bigger problem, with errors in procedure and oversight possibly extending to the division's law enforcement function."
from Rep. says man trapped in cell shows problem at DEA

It sounds like the "investigation" scripts have been distributed, and they of course contain no references to Chong's attempts to get the attention of people he could hear talking and opening/closing the cell next to his (just as Satanists in Iraq feasted while watching mentally handicapped children starve, as a means of cultivating the ability to enjoy torturing innocents - go here), or the amazing coincidence that he was "discovered" about a day before he would have died (meaning that someone would have to be charged with homicide, and that someone might point the finger at the real culprits). That's because the foregone conclusion is that Chong was forgotten, and not deliberately tortured/tormented. This will be repeated until it becomes "true."