Monday, May 7, 2012


Well, here it is, three weeks after Daniel Chong was "accidentally" tortured by someone at a DEA facility, and the DEA STILL has not explained how it happened, or identified those who ignored Chong's attempts to get their attention, and Congress has not done anything except to issue a few bleats for an "investigation."  The silence is deafening, but I suppose they have some legalistic excuse, such as that they "can't" discuss it due to "pending litigation" or some such tripe.

Meanwhile, British imperial henchman Obama is pushing the notion that the US is so morally superior that it has the right to invade other countries which it claims is not adequately protecting its citizens, while ignoring the vast destruction left in the wake of its other invasions, and the fact that it openly thumbs its nose at the Geneva Conventions and routinely "not tortures" people all over the world, including by means of drone-terrorism, and including its own citizens.