Sunday, May 13, 2012

DEA mouthpiece might have let the cat out of the bag

After reading that DEA spokesperson (using the term "person" loosely) Amy Roderick tried to partially blame Daniel Chong for his torture (see this entry), on the basis that he admitted to smoking pot, it occurred to me that she might have inadvertently provided a peek into the mindset which could have set him up to be caught in a fake raid (see previously-referenced entry) and tortured because he's a "pothead," and thus someone who can be tortured with impunity. (Abusing people arrested on drug charges is common, but to really torture someone, they had to figure out a way to create plausible deniability that they had any control over it, and they chose to pretend that he was forgotten, which is obviously a lie.) Staging a fake raid to give the impression that he was forgotten in the confusion would be a piece of cake for organized Satanism.  Before they execute such an operation, they have everything planned in minute detail, including what hints to drop and who will drop them. They probably had been watching Chong for quite a while.