Thursday, May 17, 2012

DEA's Satanist faction exposes itself again, with "Nissour Square"-type massacre

According to the Honduran newspaper, Tiempo, as well as the Honduran human rights group, COFADEH, the agents of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), dressed in military uniforms, killed at least four and possibly six civilians in a raid which took place on Friday, May 11.
Apparently, the DEA agents fired from helicopter gunships upon a boat carrying civilians on the Patuca back to their community of Ahuas which itself is located in the Mosquito coast of Honduras. According to Tiempo, the DEA mistakenly fired upon the civilian boat because it was well-lit while the intended target -- a boat carrying drug traffickers -- was floating down the river without its lights on.
This doctrine [a U.S. "security" policy which clearly served as cover for Satanism], according to COFADEH [a Honduran human-rights group], "included a systematic and selective form of human rights violations. The most emblematic violations were torture, murders and enforced disappearances" of the type which the U.S. had sponsored in the Southern Cone of South America in the 1970s.

This was no accident. Note that the "DEA agents" were wearing military uniforms, and I assume they were Honduran uniforms, just as I suspect that Satanists are flown into Afghanistan and disguised as Special Forces soldiers for those seemingly insane night raids.

Sounds like they need San Diego DEA spokes-witch Amy Roderick to hypnotize us into believing that it was just another DEA screw-up.