Thursday, May 31, 2012

Drone "warfare" drones on and on

It's really difficult trying to find something that proves that drone warfare, as it is currently being waged, has nothing to do with waging war on terrorism.  I contend that it is intended as air-terrorism, which is designed to convince everyone in the affected areas that they could be "accidentally" obliterated at any moment, and that this is part of creating the Hell on Earth required to implement the 8th Sphere agenda. The resulting hatred for "the West" also helps the local British imperial terrorist-controllers recruit new cannon fodder.

However, it seems to me that what exposes the drone-strikes as terrorism is their "rhythm," their seeming endlessness, and the sense that nothing is being accomplished other than to provoke terror and hatred. If we really were killing top terrorists in such large numbers, it seems that it wouldn't take so long to destroy these groups. But the fact is that "Islamic terrorism" is just a front for the British empire, which has used terrorism for centuries as part of its divide-and-rule policy. Behind those who are radicalized by US atrocities, is a hard core of untouchable military-grade Satanic terrorists (including Special Forces-types of mercenaries of various nationalities) and patsy-organizers, which are ultimately controlled by British intelligence. These Nietzschean "supermen"-terrorists are the ones behind the worst acts of terrorism, such as 9/11. This explains the Israelis who were seen dancing for joy when the WTC was imploded with demolition charges, and who were then spirited out of the country by US intelligence. This also explains the "resiliency" of "Islamic" terrorism, and why we so often hear the phrase "previously unknown group," which are just new names for existing groups, or new front-groups of errand boys and patsies for the actual terrorists and organizers.

This would also explain the December 17th, 2009 massacre at al-Majala, in the Abyan province of Yemen, in which a US cruise missile killed 41 innocent people at a Bedoin emcampment, including many women and children, who were supposedly terrorists in training. US Gen. Petraeus, now the director of the CIA, was later found by Wikileaks to have arranged for the Yemeni president to claim that the massacre was the work of the Yemeni military, even though US cruise missile parts were found at the site. My guess is that the US government also arranged to have Yemen take the blame for the "intelligence failure" which supposedly triggered the attack. The massacre kicked off a massive recruitment drive by the aforementioned terrorist-controllers (who were conveniently put in place long before the strike) and a three-year orgy of violence, in which few if any actual hard-core terrorists were killed.  This would be consistent with my claim that the "war on terror" consists of tit-for-tat terrorism which is "misdirected," crushing the country between the "two sides" which are actually two tentacles of the British empire - which now doesn't have to worry about the Bridge of the Horns, a major link of the global Land-Bridge (a key aspect of a real economic recovery), being built anytime soon.