Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Evidence of British terrorist-controllers behind "Islamic terrorism"

The two British operatives, arrested by Basra police and later freed by a British military operation, were identified by the BBC as "members of the SAS elite special forces." They were disguised by wigs and Arab dress. Iraqi sources reported that the Iraqi police were watching the two, and when they tried to approach them they shot two policemen and tried to escape the scene. The Iraqi police chased and captured them, to discover large amount of explosives planted in the car, which apparently was planned to be remotely detonated in the busy market of Basra. 
from British Terrorism in Iraq
On the eve of the first of six scheduled French nuclear weapons tests in the South Pacific atoll of Mururoa in September, Greenpeace, an offshoot of Prince Philip's World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), carried out a series of violent protests. A Greenpeace team somehow managed to penetrate the highly militarized nuclear test zone. French authorities revealed that the team was led by two highly trained retired professionals from the British Army's Special Air Services (SAS), its elite paratrooper and commando arm. "They are people used to operations which have nothing to do with ecology," commented the French Security Services commander on the scene.
from The SAS: Prince Philip's manager of terrorism

The above-referenced articles support my claims regarding the true nature of the "war on terrorism," as presented in my recent posts about the situation in Yemen. (Note how this "war" is essentially declared to be over in a particular area once that area and its inhabitants have been devastated, even when, as in Iraq, Al Qaeda still uses it as a base of operations.) The SAS operatives captured in the incident in Iraq are the "Islamic terrorism controllers," who create "Islamic terrorists" to commit certain terrorist acts such as suicide bombings, and commit terrorism themselves (typically the worst of it, which they can't leave to amateurs).  The 9/11 terrorism is a prime example of this - the professionals planted the demolition charges in the WTC, and their "Islamic terrorist" patsies put on a show, with financial backing from certain members of the British-aligned Saudi elite to give the impression that the airliners brought the buildings down.