Friday, May 11, 2012

Fundie leader "saw vision" of Russian airliner crash, also predicted anti-British leader's death

President Vladimir Putin’s ambition to revive Russia’s aerospace industry will hang on one question dominating the Sukhoi Superjet crash probe in Indonesia this week: pilot or plane?
from Putin's Aerospace Rebirth Ambition Hangs on SuperJet Crash Probe
As news hit international media on Thursday Morning that the wreckage of the Russian aircraft that mysteriously went missing mid-flight in Indonesia yesterday had been seen, a YouTube video has been released from T.B. Joshua, claiming he foresaw the calamity.
“I’m seeing breaking news. They are looking for something that missed but it carried people – a plane that carried people and it was lost,” the video shows T.B. Joshua of ‘The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations’ saying. Giving a more detailed appraisal, he continued, “There is a plane coming to Indonesia, a big one that will carry passengers. I see a crash. The color of the plane – I see blue… I’m seeing Wednesday. What will happen on Wednesday?”
T.B. Joshua is a household name across Africa for his predictions, miracles and charitable endeavors. He recently caused a stir with media reports of his prophecy of the demise of Malawian President Bingu wa Mutharika. “In April… WE SHOULD PRAY FOR AN AFRICAN HEAD OF STATE AGAINST THE SICKNESS THAT WILL TAKE LIFE – SUDDEN DEATH,”  Joshua told his congregation in February, stressing the event was close and specifying the president in question was from West Africa in a service just four days before Mutharika’s passing. [emphasis added]
from VIDEO: T.B. Joshua 'Predicted' The Russian Plane Crash
Dr Shana said Christianity should be a platform for people to repent not to die. TB Joshua is notorious for issuing death "prophecies", the latest being his announcement that an African president would die, which coincided with the death of Malawi president Professor Bingu wa Mutharika last month.
from Zimbabwe: Churches Rap TB Joshua
President Abdoulaye Wade in Senegal, for example, has initiated a program which not only covers the total consumption of grains, rice, manioc, milk, meat, etc., but which is also aimed at keeping the corn cribs full. President Bingu wa Mutharika of Malawi has likewise overridden the “laws of the free market,” and has issued coupons for seed, and is granting subsidies for fertilizers, so that a 283% increase in grain production can be achieved.
from Mobilization To Double Food Production Is in Full Swing!

This certainly smells fishy - a "Christian" Fundie televangelist, whose function is to paint Satan's "Apocalyptic" machinations as the fulfillment of prophecy leading to Heaven on Earth (thus prompting his followers to look forward to the destruction of civilization), with such an amazing ability to predict when those resisting Satan's program will die or suffer some major loss. Perhaps his fellow televangelists dislike his habit of waving his connections to British intelligence, i.e. organized Satanism, under our noses so often.