Wednesday, May 9, 2012

How about bombs with built-in apologies?

The American military claimed responsibility and expressed regret for an airstrike that mistakenly killed six members of a family in southwestern Afghanistan, Afghan and American military officials confirmed Monday.
from US attack kills 5 Afghan kids

Perhaps the US should manufacture bombs containing Hallmark greeting cards which, in appropriately sensitive language, apologize to any survivors for any innocent people who were killed, or maimed for life, in the blast. The cards could also instruct survivors in how to obtain US taxpayer loot, which just another way the US taxpayer pays for Satanism, while the faceless and perhaps "soulless" (actually, human-spirit-less) culprits who designate the targets hide behind the skirts of the US military and its legions of war-criminal defense lawyers, including those in Congress. This would save the brass a lot of time, although pretending that these bombings are accidental, and not part of a reign of terror designed by above-top-secret, diabolical shrinks, might be one of their favorite activities.