Wednesday, May 9, 2012

How long can it take to investigate the Chong incident?

It's been a couple of weeks since Daniel Chong was "discovered" nearly dead in a holding cell (locked up and handcuffed, even though he had been told that he was not suspected of committing a crime), after being ignored for about 5 days by "people" who could no doubt hear his attempts to get out.  Senator Boxer of California has requested an investigation by the DoJ, and yet there has been no indication that any investigation is being done.  How long can it take to determine who put Chong in the cell, and who was present at the facility during the time when he was locked up? There must be some sort of a security system at that facility, such as one which uses key-cards, which would keep track of that sort of thing.  Perhaps Eric Holder is too busy writing specious excuses for Obama's transformation into an overt fascist dictator.

By the way, Congress should immediately pay Chong a fair amount for his suffering and potential loss of future earnings, in exchange for Chong's agreement to drop his lawsuit.  This way, it would cost less to the taxpayers, no lawyer would receive some obscene amount for a few hours of work and come off looking like a hero, and there would be no possibility that the torturers would receive a cut of the loot for their part in generating the payout, as I suspect was the plan from the start.