Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Jesuit theologian defends Darwinism (revised)

In his acclaimed book God After Darwin, John Haught argued that religious belief is wholly compatible with evolutionary biology.... Deeper Than Darwin takes up where God After Darwin left off, arguing that Darwin's vision is important and essentially correct but that we can still dig deeper in our understanding of what is going on in the life-story.
from description of Deeper Than Darwin by John Haught, Roman Catholic (Jesuit) theologian at Georgetown University
Haught believes Darwin is “a gift to theology.” He says evolutionary biology has forced modern theologians to clarify their thinking by rejecting outdated arguments about God as an intrusive designer. Haught reclaims the theology of his intellectual hero, Jesuit priest and paleontologist Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, who died more than half a century ago. Teilhard believed that we live in a universe evolving toward ever greater complexity and, ultimately, to consciousness.
from The atheist delusion
Chardin was involved in the Piltdown man hoax, in which, the bones of an ape and a recently dead man were stained, spliced together, and passed off as "ape man." While he pretended to offer a scientific Christian alternative to Darwinian "materialism," he was neither Christian nor scientific, nor essentially different from Darwin.
from The Society of Jesus: Evil Heirs of Aristotle

Why I do not know, but I got an urge out of the blue to look for any connection between contemporary Jesuits and Darwinism, and it took me a couple of seconds with Google to hit pay dirt, as indicated by the top two excerpts above.

Darwinism is not a scientific theory - it is an approximately 150 year-old disinformation campaign, as Jesuit Chardin's Piltdown hoax demonstrates.  Not even Darwin believed in "Darwinism," which is just a bunch of BS with his name attached. (I don't think it's a coincidence that "Darwin" converts to 69, and "Darwinism" to 110, which are intimately related to two of Satanism's "magical" numbers: 666, the number of the Devil, and 11, the number of black magic, which he "inspires."  However, Satanism only PRETENDS to be black magic to "justify" SRA to its recruits.) It is really a sad comment on our educational system that a so-called theologian at a supposedly Catholic university can peddle such swill, which is the "scientific" basis for the beliefs, attitudes and behavior which constitute Satanism.

The Jesuits were created by the Venetian empire as a means of subverting the Catholic church, and Venice launched the war against our consciousness-evolution in earnest. (Aristotle actually started the war against consciousness-evolution at the dawn of the intellectual-soul era, which Plato exemplified, but not so virulently as Venice did at the dawn of the consciousness-soul era.) Venice was also the midwife of the birth of Satanism.  (A brief internet search turned up a reference to Jesuits taking part in torture as part of the Inquisition.) So, it makes sense that someone like Haught would be found defending the "basis" for the modern Satanist movement from some ivory tower.