Friday, May 25, 2012

Media flaunts Mignini's immunity from real justice

During my periodic perusal of news for some semblance of Earthly justice for Giuliano Mignini, the Monster of Perugia (which considering his apparent lack of soul, might be the only opportunity to bring him to justice), I found that the latest news is from 5/1/2012, i.e. 11, a.k.a. May Day (>39 30>69>666), which I had seen before. The big news, as indicated by the attached image, was that Mignini & Coven are supposedly being investigated over the cost of bringing one of their big lies about Knox and Sollecito to life in the form of a video.

In a nutshell, this "investigation" was actually intended to wave Mignini's Satanism under our noses again, and mock our obliviousness to it. Note all of the "Satanic codes" in the attached image: CBS>24>6; 240K>6 11; and 150,000>6.  Combined, they convert to 666 11.

The "investigation" has evidently gone nowhere in the last three weeks. It should be obvious to anyone with half a brain that there really is no investigation, and no need for an investigation. It's been obvious from the moment that the video appeared that it's a pathetic attempt to sell a monstrous lie, that Mignini belongs in prison and should be excommunicated for being a Satanist (but then a large part of the "Catholic" clergy, etc. would have to be excommunicated too), and that the Italian government owes Knox and Sollecito an apology and a fortune.  But under the present demon-haunted world order, that's not going to happen. Furthermore, reminding us of the lack of real justice in this case is itself intended to torment Knox and her supporters.