Monday, May 21, 2012

More British imperial terrorism, or the last throes of May, 2012

SANA, Yemen — A suicide bomber targeted soldiers rehearsing Monday for a military parade here, killing as many as 112 people and signaling that Islamic extremists may be shifting their focus to Yemen's capital after weeks of intense battles in outlying provinces with U.S.-backed government forces.
Al Qaeda affiliate Ansar al Sharia claimed responsibility for the bombing in retaliation for American-assisted government offensives against its strongholds in southern Yemen. Unnerved by increased U.S. military and drone strikes, the militants struck directly at the heart of the new and fragile government of President Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi.
from Suicide bomber kills up to 112 in Sana, Yemen

If you think about this a bit, you'll realize that either Ansar al Sharia is insane for committing such an act and taking credit for it, or that those behind the bombing intend to fan the flames of the conflict, which is indeed the actual motive for this monstrous crime. It comes straight from Obama's British masters, and Obama knows it. In fact, it's nothing compared to what he is trying to accomplish by provoking a war with Russia.

As I showed in the previous entry, the actual conflict is between Mammon's British empire and the human race.  His minions divide themselves up into two apparently warring factions, but they don't attack each other.  Instead, each of these Mammonic factions attack humans (including those in the military) who are associated with their "opposite" Mammonic faction in the fantasy-version of the conflict. Put another way, they attack human proxies for each other, using some convoluted, amoral excuse. (Suicide bombers are themselves human victims, who are either "brainwashed" or forced into it, such as to protect their families.) But they never, ever attack each other.  Never will one variety of British imperial terrorist attack another variety of British imperial terrorist.  If it appears that they have, then you have to dig deeper.

In this case, the two Mammonic factions are the Yemeni government and its Anglo-American "allies" (overlords) on one hand, and the British-Saudi terrorist controllers behind Al Qaeda and Ansar al Sharia on the other. The humans are the population of Yemen, part of which has been driven into the arms of Ansar al Sharia, and part of which has not, and is therefore loyal to the government.

So, I can say with certainty that tentacles of the British empire were behind this suicide bombing, and chances are that tentacles on "both sides" were involved: the terrorist controllers who provided the suicide bomber, and the government officials who allowed the bomber to get through security.