Monday, May 28, 2012

More lame-ality of evil

But Donohoe said since Christopher Harris was identified by witnesses to officers as a suspect in a violent crime, "The law provides that an officer 'shall not be held criminally liable for using force without malice and with a good faith belief that such act is justifiable.'
"He ran for several blocks after he was told to stop by uniformed officers. As the deputy caught up to him, the deputy used a standard take down procedure. As a result, no criminal charge can be filed."
from Prosecutor: No charges for deputy who shoved man into wall

Again, note the legalistic hair-splitting characteristic of organized Satanism, as opposed to common sense and decency.  Furthermore, the officers who chased Harris were not wearing standard uniforms, but all-black "tactical" uniforms, which I assume are intended for SWAT teams. Witnesses claim that they did not identify themselves as cops.

Of COURSE a cop who uses excessive force and can get away with it by claiming that is was necessary is going to say that he believes it was necessary, but all it takes to prove him wrong is to watch the video.  He could have pulled his gun, told Harris to lie face down on the sidewalk, and then cuffed and frisked him. The "standard take-down procedure" might apply to some situations, such as a professional football game, but not this one, obviously, considering that Harris had essentially surrendered, and considering the predictable results.

It is obvious to me that this seemingly absurd law was INTENDED to allow SRA to be concealed by merely claiming to believe that what is obviously gratuitous brutality was justified, just as Cheney's legalistic coven argued that torture is OK if the torturer CLAIMS to have been trying to obtain information!

If nothing else good comes out of this case, at least it's helping to expose the true nature of our Satanic government, which in this case didn't admit any wrongdoing, and essentially penalized taxpayers for "their" government's Satanism.