Sunday, May 20, 2012

Nerobama uses EO to conceal reality in Yemen

WASHINGTON (CN) - President Barack Obama ordered the Secretary of the Treasury to block all property under U.S. jurisdiction belonging to people that the Secretary of State determines threaten the peace, security or stability of Yemen.
from Threatening Yemen's Stability Brings Sanctions

Once again proving that Obama is a pathological liar, and that LaRouche's "Nero complex" diagnosis of Obama is correct. He's a puppet of Mammon's British empire, which has made him believe that he's part of the British elite, to manipulate him via his narcissistic need for adulation, especially from those "at the top," but also from the media, rigged audiences, and "flash mobs" for his "extemporaneous" public appearances. He is out to destroy Yemen, as part of the war on civilization known as the "war on terror," and he's trying to cover up what's really going on there, partly by imprisoning reporters, and now threatening them with this Nero-like EO. (Jeremy Scahill is the main source of information on the reality in Yemen.) He created "terrorists" by attacking innocent people with drones.  Then followed the assaults by Yemen's military, probably with embedded Satanists out for a little of the old "ultra violence." This vicious cycle will continue until Yemen has been reduced to rubble, like Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and a few Syrian cities. Until recently, there were apparently plans to build a mind-boggling bridge costing tens of billions of dollars between Yemen and Africa, which would lead to an economic boom. The British empire has pretty much declared war on Russia by its actions in Syria, while using words as smokescreens to prevent Americans from recognizing the reality.