Sunday, May 13, 2012

Obama, the actor

The political attack advert was posted online before Barack Obama had even left the White House for Hollywood.
His opponents pick on many things, but this was a good one: he was just too cool to be a good president.
"America elected the biggest celebrity in the world," the advert flashes up on screen.
from Obama's rebirth of cool

His trip to Hollywood was as much a visit to his fellow actors and entertainers, a distraction from reality in the land where so many fantasies are brought to life, and a means of re-inflating his colossal ego, as it was a means of winning an election which he might preempt with nuclear holocaust. He is whatever he has to be at any given moment to best serve the actual Queen, over there in Great Britain.  The other day, he was a movie star hobnobbing with his fellow movie stars; previously, a member of the British elite, recently, a member of the working class, with his sleeves rolled up and "mad as hell about Washington." Shortly after expressing his support for gay marriage and held a Hollywood fundraiser, he "pivoted to the economy" for what must be tenth time during his Presidency-act, as if another of his politically-correct economic plans is going to have any beneficial effect.  In private, when he's not acting, he reportedly enjoys watching video of people getting blown up by drones (see this article).