Thursday, May 10, 2012

Obama's "evolution" on gay marriage twisted into an insinuation that Darwinism is realistic

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama's evolution on gay marriage unfolded at a Darwinian pace, like that of the giant tortoise. For more than a year — eons in politics — he danced up to the edge of endorsing it, always stopping short, still "evolving."
from A slo-mo evolution for Obama on gay marriage

A proper comparison of Darwinism's pace to that of a turtle would require the turtle to be dead. "Darwinists" have resorted to a belief in magic, i.e. periodic bouts of rapid "evolution" which are indistinguishable from creationism, to explain the lack of evidence for ongoing successful random mutations, which would have to be occurring at an incredible rate for Darwinism to explain our origins.

Obama's "evolution" on gay marriage is just a distraction from his efforts to start a world war, i.e. "Armageddon," which would kill most of the human race, including gays. (He's an equal opportunity mass murderer.) I'd say that it's an example of political expediency, but I'm not sure there will be another election. All the campaigning lately seems to be intended as a distraction from reality.

As for gay marriage itself, I have no opinion.  If the economy were strong, there would be no concerns over whether it would create an economic burden. I suppose the greatest danger in that is that impressionable youngsters might be more apt to be "recruited" into homosexuality, and screw up their lives, but it also seems that education could prevent that.