Sunday, May 27, 2012

Russia lays Syrian atrocity at NATO's feet

UN officials said more than 100 Syrians were killed in what may be the worst atrocity in the 14-month conflict, and they said evidence of artillery and tank shelling indicate that forces under President Bashar al-Assad were to blame. His regime denied responsibility, and Russia said knife wounds on some victims reflected the techniques of his opponents.
from Syrian Carnage Fails to Budge Russia From Mideast Ally

I smelled a NATO rat behind this mass atrocity (so conveniently soon after Obama established his "anti"-mass-atrocity policy), and the Russian government's statement makes more sense to me than the British empire's claim that Assad would do something like this to his own people. The British empire, which is behind one mass atrocity after another, and which controls Obama, is desperate to start a war with Russia, leading to nuclear "Armageddon" and the destruction of civilization. So murdering a couple of hundred people with their black-ops terrorists to start this war is nothing to them.