Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Still trying to sell us on "enhanced interrogation" after all these years

The sociopath is touring a book, Hard Measures, wherein he explains that we all likely would be dead if a bunch of pet lawyers in the Bush Administration hadn't greenlighted his efforts to drag the country down to into the cellars of the Lubyanka. 
from Waterboards, Drones, and the Drones Who Love Them

It's insane to think that you can get useful information from someone who probably doesn't know anything useful, and just wants to stop the torment/torture. Many of Cheney's "worst of the worst," who were transported to Guantanamo like nuclear warheads as a form of torture, and to convince us they were ultra-dangerous, were just average people turned over to the US for reward money because nobody cared for them [1], not because they were terrorists. The fact that they were subjected to "enhanced interrogation," when there was no evidence that they could have known anything, demonstrates the amorality of those who ran the program.  But then killing and torturing Crowley's "low men" (i.e. those whom the "master class" is "morally" permitted to abuse in their quest to become "supermen"), and ultimately creating Hell on Earth, is the very reason for the "war on terror." So naturally those behind it will defend it right up to the moment when they slither off their mortal coil and experience what they inflicted upon others in their misguided pursuit of superhuman status.

[1] "Worst of the worst": Crowley's "outcast and unfit" - i.e. not sexy, which is generally the ultimate reason for defining someone as "unfit," implying that our only purpose for existence is to serve as a sex object.