Thursday, May 24, 2012

Time for more "Islamic" terrorism in Argentina?

During a bilateral meeting May 18 with Angolan President Jose Eduardo dos Santos, Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner made incisive remarks about the insanity of the current, collapsing global financial system, which is based on the idea that money is worth something. Her words for sure didn't escape the attention of the City of London.
from Argentine President Fernandez: "Money in Itself" Is Worthless
July 18, 1994 [6 9 23, i.e. 6 9 666 11], Buenos Aires, Argentina's largest Jewish organization, the Argentine-Israeli Mutual Association, is car-bombed, killing over 100 and wounding 344.
from Afghansi terrorism around the world

This terrorist attack was probably actually the work of the British SAS or some related group, in response to Argentina's "uppityness." (Note that the culprits have not been identified to this day, just as the perfect condition of the "magic bullet" [33 72, i.e. 6 9 - perhaps it was a Magick bullet] has yet to be satisfactorily explained.) So, considering Argentina's ongoing "uppityness," don't be surprised if there are any new "Islamic" terrorist incidents there.