Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Virtual terror in US, real terror in Afghanistan: it's "war" (advanced SRA) season

We're supposed to believe that Al Qaeda, the Anglo-American general-purpose "Islamic militant" organization, was going to blow an American airliner out of the sky with an underwear bomb.  But on the other hand, we're supposed to believe that a drone attack eliminated the threat. The day before, an Afghan family of six was killed by a "mistaken" air strike.  So, there you have the "war" in a nutshell: a fantasy provocation, then a supposed drone attack which supposedly killed the would-be terrorists (the justification for continuing to do the same thing), and reality - a reign of terror for the "low men," in "response" to virtual terror, or actual terror perpetrated by our own government (9/11 - the new Holocaust which "we'll never forget").  It's time for Satanists at a certain stage of their transformation into Satanic pods, from mainly NATO countries, to take a vacation in Afghanistan to put the final touches on their "magical powers" with some "ultra violence," just like in A Clockwork Orange.