Monday, May 14, 2012

What's actually going on in Yemen?

Image: The British empire's vision of stability and sustainability

Yemeni officials say at least 16 militants and 12 government soldiers were killed Sunday as troops backed by warplanes and heavy artillery launched a major offensive to retake the al-Qaida-held southern city of Zinjibar.
from 28 Dead as Yemen Launches Anti-Qaida Assault
The Bridge of the Horns is a proposed construction project to build a bridge between the coasts of Djibouti and Yemen across the Bab-el-Mandeb, the strait between the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden. 
from Bridge of the Horns
Two major developments to unfold in the coming years signal Africa's growing strategic importance, especially the Horn of Africa (HoA). As of October 1, the African continent came under the auspices of a newly created U.S. military command, AFRICOM, establishing one staff responsible for affairs with the 53 African states ( The second development, POTENTIALLY FAR MORE TROUBLING [to the British empire], is the newly announced project to build the world's longest bridge—17 miles connecting Yemen and Djibouti—under Tarek bin Laden's Middle East Development LLC.
The proposed construction of a bridge connecting Yemen and Djibouti, however, is likely to threaten the ongoing U.S. mission in Africa [to depopulate the continent].
from Proposed Yemen-Djibouti Bridge Threatens AFRICOM Security
A Yemeni journalist is continuing in jail in his country, after direct intervention by Obama to the Yemen government, in order to continue the cover-up of U.S. conduct of two December 2009 drone attacks, which killed 35 persons (14 women and 21 children), otherwise were deliberately mis-attributed to the Yemen government. Details of this cover-up and Obama's exact involvement were given this week by The Nation's national security correspondent, Jeremy Scahill, in a March 13 article. The jailed journalist is Abdulelah Haider Shaye. The specific offense meriting Obama's action, was that Abdulelah Haider Shaye investigated the December 11, 2009, attack on the village of al Majala in Abyan province in southern Yemen.
from Yemen Reporter Kept in Jail at Obama's Request, to Cover Up 2009 U.S. Drone Attack
MEED reported that the USD 20 billion Phase I of the planned Yemen Djibouti Causeway is delayed until the two governments sign the framework agreement.
Mr Mohammed Al Ahmed CEO of the project client, Dubai based Al Noor Holding Investment Company said that "In order for us to move forward with our project we need the government of Yemen and the government of Djibouti to sign a framework agreement."
Mr Al Ahmed said that we are waiting for them to sign it or ask to discuss it. The will give us the concession and the right to build the two cities and the bridge.
HE SAID THAT THE DELAY WAS DUE TO THE CRISIS IN YEMEN AND HE NOW EXPECTS THE AGREEMENT TO BE SIGNED SOON. [This was written two years ago.] The crossing will be the first bridge to link the Arabian Peninsula with the African continent. Denmark's Cowi has drawn up a preliminary design for the 28.5 kilometers bridge.
from Phase I of Yemen and Djibouti Causeway delayed

These news clips tell me that the "war on terror" in Yemen is just more of the same: a war on civilization and mankind, with US attacks designed to provoke people to volunteer at the local British-run Al Qaeda recruitment center, in order to create "militants" to "justify" more attacks.

The planned bridge project, which would have created an economic boom, seems to explain why Yemen is being targeted. This need to conceal this reality from the human race would explain why Obama has effectively declared the ONE reporter who told the truth about his drone strikes in Yemen to be an enemy combatant, and why he had him imprisoned, tormented, and tortured.  This is the true face of President Cool.