Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Why is the military concealing the reality of "legal," "effective" drone strikes?

As proof he showed a picture of 16-year-old Tariq Azziz, who traveled eight hours to Islamabad to attend a conference on drone strikes last October, sponsored by Akbar’s Foundation for Fundamental Rights and the British humanitarian group Reprieve. Azziz and other attendees from Waziristan were given cameras and training so that they could document the effects of drone strikes. Three days later, Azziz and his 12-year-old cousin were killed by a Hellfire missile.
from Drone victims’ defender speaks

Oh, what a coincidence!  He just HAPPENED to get hit by accident, three days after obtaining the wherewithal to document the aftermath of drone strikes!  After all, we just KNOW that the US, which is so busy cranking out freedom and prosperity around the world, wouldn't deliberately kill some innocent kid who wanted to document the effects of completely legal US bombing raids, which have been going on for years and years and years because they're SO EFFECTIVE (just as "enhanced interrogation" went on for so long, despite its supposed effectiveness at getting The Facts).

You can believe that, or you can face reality: that the drone strikes are a form of sheer terrorism run by the Devil's psychiatrists ("Reesians"), partly intended to create recruits for the British-run terrorist-recruitment offices in the area, and partly to implement the Devil's ultimate agenda. For more on this agenda, go here.

Another thing this incident indicates is the utter pervasiveness of organized Satanism, and that it considers accurate reporting on these drone strikes to be a threat.  Why would that be, if they're so legal, and effective at accomplishing worthy goals?  In fact, they're neither, and officials who defend them are just lying their butts off.  This reign of terror is run by organized Satanism, and its puppets just say whatever they have to say to keep it going. I suspect that this reign of terror includes child abductions and rapes in the US (or false claims of such abductions and rapes), followed by a massive psywar operation to convince us that the criminals behind them can just appear and disappear without a trace.