Saturday, May 5, 2012

Will Chong's torturers get part of the lawsuit proceeds?

At the risk of being overly cynical (although I'm often reminded that I can't be more cynical than the typical Congressman), it wouldn't surprise me to learn that Daniel Chong's torturers, instead of being given prison sentences, or even identified (as if the public doesn't have the right to know the identities of such monsters, although we do have the right to know sex offenders' identities), will end up splitting the proceeds from the lawsuit which Chong has filed, and of which the lawyer would receive a massive amount.  In other words, the lawyer might be working with the torturers to bilk the taxpayers.  Not bad pay for a few hours' work, or in the torturers' case, a few shifts.

In the previous entry, I referred to the "war on drugs," a subject I'd rather avoid because it's such a complex issue, other than to mention that our government has been turning a blind eye to opium production in Afghanistan, because it is one of the British empire's main cash crops.  As a result, heroin has become more plentiful, more pure, and cheaper, and as a result of this, many people have become addicts.  So, excuse me if I suspect ulterior motives behind the "war on drugs."