Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Atlanta Child Murders: Spirits of Darkness celebrate their centennial on Earth with a 24-hour news channel and a Satanic "ritual" child sacrifice

In case you haven't noticed, I've added a page about the Atlanta Child Murders (link at top of home page).  The title I've assigned to it is just one of the many perspectives I could have used.  The blog entry on Wayne Williams by Alicia Banks (here) indicates that the "Atlanta Child Murders" could have been named "the Atlanta Child Murders reported by CNN to attract viewership."  Atlanta has evidently been a killing field for African-Americans for a long time, and supposedly continues to be one.  The fact that Williams has supposedly been proven guilty through DNA, despite all the evidence to the contrary, just goes to show that DNA "evidence" can be fabricated, as made abundantly clear by Junk Science in the Courtroom.

There are so many aspects and perspectives on this case that I could probabaly spend years scribbling about it.  I think I've made my point that the murders were intimately related to the centennial of the fall of the Spirits of Darkness, which would naturally celebrate with the establishment of a 24-hour news channel (since it had recently become viable to do so), with a sensational "ritualistic" (repetitive) Satanic murder spree of black children to help it to hit the ground running (and for the usual purposes of Satanism, which I think I've mentioned elsewhere). Once CNN had become established, and Atlanta's ratings had started to dive, Wayne Williams was framed (partly by claiming that the murders had stopped as soon as he was arrested), and the pattern of Satanic murders was changed to something that could be downplayed or ignored by the media. But the KKK (11 11 11)-front for organized Satanism, based on the aforementioned page by Alicia Banks, continues to ride roughshod over African Americans in Atlanta.