Tuesday, June 19, 2012

British empire protects its killers from Syria's refurbished helicopters

A British insurance company has cancelled insurance for a Russian ship it believes is carrying munitions to Syria, effectively halting the vessel unless another insurer agrees to cover it.
Meanwhile, Syria says it is ready to act on a U.N. appeal to evacuate civilians from the rebellious central city of Homs, which government forces have bombarded since early June to try to crush a 15-month anti-government uprising.
The Syrian foreign ministry said Tuesday it had contacted U.N. observers in the country and local authorities to try to arrange an evacuation from Homs, where opposition activists estimate 1,000 families have been trapped. But the government said the observers' efforts failed due to obstruction by armed terrorist groups - its term for rebels leading the revolt. The Syrian statement also accused rebels of using Homs civilians as "human shields."
from Russian Ship Stopped Over Suspected Arms Shipment to Syria

Those helicopters would come in handy for rescuing those hostages (i.e. hostages of the "democratic uprising"), but the Briitish empire has to protect its terrorist mercenaries which its media pretends not to notice behind the "democratic uprising" smokescreen.